How To Smoke a Beef Roast

The BBQ Pit Boys smoke a Beef Loin Sirloin Strip and then sear it over the open flame…Smoke tender, and juicy every time with this simple method. More information about our professional grade smokers and grills can be found on our website here. We appreciate your support….


  1. Looks like my last Brisket, I got it on a little late and it was dark before I was done…………..sure looked good and juicy, I am drooling as I type this. Hard to find good cuts of meat without driving 100 miles around here. Guuuuuuuuuuuud job men!

  2. wow!!! just wow! now i have to replay it a couple times to take notes!!!!

  3. Chicken s we're happy it wasn't their turn to be grilled .looks real good !!!!!!¡¡!!!¡!!!!!¡

  4. Who's Martha?? His wife??

  5. A brisket this size will take many, many hours. Y'all did this by smoking it just 2-3 hours, then 1 more wrapped, then seared?!?!?!

  6. When you sliced it my heart skipped a beat awe- to the -some.

  7. Song at min 4:10 – How is it called ?

  8. Cant believe i missed this one, the vegenatics had to hit up their insurance to OK more psychological therapy from this clip

  9. Fuck Vegans and all their bullshit talk and hypocrisy

  10. Hey Bob! What’s the name of the background song? Starts at 4:13 thanks!

  11. looks damn close to brisket!!! looks amazingly G U D

  12. Where are the crow squawks at the end?

  13. I love you guys but I feel like Darth Helmet is about to hit his face! 'Zoom out a bit please' Thank you guys for everything you do.

  14. awesom video and food roast

  15. I wanna catch 1 of those chickens…

  16. 64 dislikes from the competition…smoked em

  17. Still u I have inspired me to cook

  18. je suis hallucinee par votre cuisine. c'est mon reve de venir aux états unis. j'ai eu la chance de faire la cote ouest. mais j'ai l'impression d'avoir rate la meilleur cuisine monde car je ne suis pas passe par les bbq pits boys…sur lesquels je bave dans toutes leur video..dois je revenir dans l'est ou midwest pour connaitre ce qui ressemble a votre vrai nourriture?.

    pas de soucis…je mets mon. argent de côté va prendre un peu de temps..mais j'arriverai a réaliser ce qui est devenu mon reve…vous rencontrer et manger avec vous pourrais mouriri apres ca.

    .mdr. bisous

  19. Hey! You forgot to say that eating in front of us us pit-master privilege!

  20. Love your guys channel! You guys have some awesome finished products that all look amazing!

  21. Isnt that like a 100$ piece of meat? Why use that? Seems like a waste

  22. top content! smells good! hello from russia

  23. So are u screwed if u don’t have a grill that has indirect heating?

  24. Lord have mercy!!
    It's 3 am and now I am starving!
    What a great job guys!

  25. I don’t understand why some people don’t clean/rinse the meats out real quick. You don’t know if that meat was dropped or if the environment where was cut was clean I mean so many variables.

  26. Wow y'all don't wash your food off???

  27. Always wanted to know who's Martha? Looks sooo yummy!!

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