1. Crazy method here. Way too much wood for 3 thighs, temp is way too low and the thighs should be on the other side of the grill (indirect). Those things will taste like ass.

  2. You might consider controlling your flames by controlling the amount of oxygen they can get to your word.

  3. Excellent video, going to try this out . Thanks really appreciate it ✌

  4. Where you get those big wood pieces at? Thank you great video!

  5. Great job. They look awesome!

  6. Your ignitor didn't even fucking work 😂😂😂😂stop making YouTube videos

  7. "I burned it with a torch to get the chemicals off there that make it galvanised!" Buddy, when steel is galvanised it is plated with a coat of zinc, not "chemicals". However, you did well to burn it off.

  8. That grill has been loved! Great video. 😉

  9. How can u turn the heat down if he already has it on low?

  10. Hahah, love it. Flaxseed and Canadian Mist-

  11. Too much sour cream for my tacos

  12. Jesus this was flipping about as BOARING as it can get,….

  13. Dang! That's an awful lot of trouble to go to for 3 tiny little thighs! Why not fill up the grill with thighs and make the most use of your time and wood?

  14. Torch burning works fine, friend, though a dip in muriatic will also do the trick.

  15. Does anybody know the song that starts at 16:11?

  16. do you know roughly how long you smoke the different meats?

    like a a grill full of chicken wings, roughly how long that is in comparison to a few steaks

  17. hey like the vid… can you tell me the name of that song at the end was 16:10 cant find it but it was good ( they dont understand where i come from i'v been down but i come up from the bottle)

  18. Dude, you are da best! I loved this video!

  19. @3:56…"next thing to do, is to mix a drink…"

    Que the Egyptian Dubstep!!

  20. I do the same thing! You gave me info to adjust my setup! Thanks!

  21. I noticed thru out the whole video that not once you took a sip outta the blue cup, i want to see you guzzle whiskey because it gives me the urge to go guzzle beer , please i want to see the blue cup being used in the video,………….lol

  22. How does the insulated cup know if it's supposed to keep it hot or cold?

  23. looks like you had fun makeing that video. l really enjoyed it. What's the word on your yeti cup.

  24. good vid learnt alot🖒

  25. Damn dude that's a ton of booze in that drink eek. 3/4 of that big ass cup lol.

  26. Love the cooking on the grill videos. Good vid Kevin.

  27. any suggestions on where to place it if i dont have a top rack

  28. I might have to try that ..

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