How-To Smoke Texas Brisket on Weber Smokey Mountain

I show you step by step how to cook Texas CAB (Certified Angus) Brisket on the Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM). This will show you the correct proportions for Salt/Pepper mix to obtain the best brisket you’ve ever tasted!

1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce to help adhere rub (Oil can be used)
Rub Mix is…


  1. Wanted to add a comment, Troy knows his BBQ! If you're looking for a great rub for brisket keep it simple, salt, pepper, garlic powder and cayenne is ALL you need. Your bark will turn out excellent! One suggestion if you are having trouble with smoking your brisket and can only afford "choice" cuts I find low temps will bring you the best results. Keep your pit at 225 or lower but be patient, 11-15 hours is a long cook but your brisket will be tender and juicy. I personally don't wrap my brisket until I pull it and then wrap it in foil and a towel for a couple of hours in a cooler. Hope that helps everyone, keep smokin'…

  2. Read the book Meathead, it's outstanding. Breaks down the science behind smoking and denounces myths people have when it comes to smoking bbq.

    It says to put the meat on straight from the fridge. When meat is cold it attracts more smoke to the surface due to the moisture from condensation, same concept as to why steam sticks to a cold mirror when you take a hot shower.

    As long as you keep moisture on your meat it will take on smoke even past the 140° mark. Smoke penetration depth is a whole different section that the book covers.

    Very, very informative and interesting book that I would suggest anyone interested in smoking to check out!

  3. I use the WSM. Looking forward to using this coal burning method. I seemed like a hall monitor the way I was doing. Always having to check every couple hours. Made it more like a job than it had to be. Appreciate the tips.

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  5. yummmm tastes just like rubber garden hose…haha..put your water in a pitcher man or use something else like apple juice. I'm sure it was great

  6. Troy that is a thing of beauty.

  7. Just got mine 2 days ago, can't wait to use it!

  8. I enjoy ? the video, like being there with you.?

  9. blows my mind how nice your brisket looks .

  10. Troy. Or anyone quick question. Is it fine if i smoke my brisket for about 6 to 7 hours and finish it in the oven for the rest of the time?

  11. Just got me a 22 inch smokey mountain smoker….just up graded from an old school brinkman…..appreciate the how to tips…..probably do a brisket this weekend.

  12. I would have added wood every 4 hours, for max wood smoke flavoring. Your 2 pieces at the beginning in my opinion was VASTLY too little. Everything else looks real good, & I bet that brisket & pork butt still tasted pretty damn good!

  13. Heb charcoal is weak…. I never use it anymore

  14. Sir what size is that weber smoker?

  15. Damn, I loved this video. so wholesome and easy to follow. Much love from Australia

  16. What was the weight on that Brisket? Please reply ASAP it’s Xmas eve here is Australia & I’m preparing my brisket lol – thanks T-Roy

  17. Water!!! Hickory chunks outside the flame???? You seem like a taliban ?

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