Japanese Food – GRILLED BEEF TONGUE Teppanyaki Tokyo Japan


  1. Nướng vẫn đỏ hỏn đã ăn rồi

  2. Que delícia.um dia eu vou aí comer abraços

  3. 生肉を素手でベタベタ触りすぎ💦


    食欲亡くす 不快動画


  5. Я все понимаю …но почему нож тупой

  6. レモン切るまな板汚!!

  7. Amazing! whats the name of this place and where it is please. Thanks.

  8. Eso es lengua de res ??????????

  9. Bravissimo un véritable artiste , les choses les plus simple sont les meilleurs …

  10. Regarde moi cette langue magnifique cette couleur persillé , le top la vache ahahah désolé pour le jeux de mot à la Française "sourire"…

  11. le 23 avril mon anniversaire cela tombe bien "sourire" salutations au Chef de mon restaurent préféré à Tokyo …

  12. That's just gross I'm sorry but no thanks. 🤢🤮

  13. I am so sorry,this cooking is amazing,but am I the only one who gets freaked out when ppl are cooking and not using gloves?

  14. This guy has very very bad and dirty nails 🤮

  15. This is like eating raw meat how can you chew ,it is going to be hard and tough to chew

  16. ไหนๆ ลิ้ววัว ไม่เห็นมี

  17. レモンかけるやつ違うだろ、ついてるレモンは鉄板にぬるやつ。勉強し直せ

  18. L'art de manipuler de la viande avec des mains et des ongles sales

  19. да уж сразу на ферму , и ебаш от коров откусывай да жри сырое

  20. People curious about the taste, it taste just like any other part of the cow. However its SUPER tender and soft. I feel because of that whatever spices or way you cook it gets penetrated deeper which makes it taste better. THAT and it has more fat so…yea obviously it'll taste better that way too HAHA.
    ALSO if you live in the states you can buy it at Walmart, Safeway, Albertsons and FredMeyer. That I know of, if you're of hispanic descend you know you can get it in any hispanic market.
    If you live in a smaller town like myself you can also access it at a local butchery. They tend to save the organs and the such for dog feed or the other so they tend to sell it cheaper because of it.
    I have never cooked it myself, but my mom makes it often, the only thing I know to so is to make sure you peel the thick layer that holds all the tastebuds of the cow BEFORE you eat it. Here the tongue seems to be peeled already SO DON'T FORGET!

  21. Ur not wearing ur gloves n beside u did not wash the beef that not good lots of people watching you thru yuotube….your lack of experience or knowle in this business…..

  22. 最討厭D人嘅手勢陰滋滋

  23. Видео на 5!!! Ни каких ЭТО Я ВСЯ Х…Я

  24. 真的 不行 看 牛舌的 雪花就知道是下等牛舌 而且師傅連舌根這種不能吃的部位也搞起來 所以根本是低檔店 而且牛舌根本烤不夠火候 生的牛舌根本上很大機會很難咬斷。。 而且這種低檔店 視頻主還敢吃半生牛舌 在下佩服

  25. Tak żeby żydowskie banki wiedzieli ile masz kasy

  26. まな板汚い。


  27. タンって多少生でも平気なん?

  28. I like that food and drinks.

  29. "I tripple-dog-dare ya"…😆

  30. Tongue french kissing a cow yuk!

  31. 這廚師的指甲。。。。

  32. just grill on chacoal n stuff into mouth. that is the best.

  33. What is this tiny piece of meat about? If you are grilling, grill thick and juicy!

  34. You have peel the outer part of the tongue otherwise it ain't nice with it.

  35. Looks delicious. What kind of spices does it have

  36. まな板汚い!そんなにベタベタ触ったお肉食べたくないわ!

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