Jerk Pork Recipe | Jerk Pork Grilled and Glazed on Drum Smoker

Jerk Pork Recipe – Jerk Seasoning on Pork with a Jerk Glaze

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When I think of Jerk, I think of the Caribbean. Some of the best jerk chicken, pork, and even fish can be found at little shacks right on the beach. This…


  1. Never trust a white man cooking jerk 😉

  2. Big Up to Malcolm for showing Jamaica mad love🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  3. Hello, great recipe. Where can I purchase the smoker?

  4. Malcolm, you always bring it home! I'm gonna try this recipe on my WSM. Thanks!


  6. I dont care what nobody says pork is my fav meat.

  7. That peice is meaty i dont care! Lmao love this guy

  8. Keep up the great work brother. I love your videos.

  9. Mr Reed, I'm of Jamaican descendant living in London, and I must say having tried your recipe for Jerk Pork, I was very impressed. May have to invest in a proper smoker though, but the flavours were punchy spicy and authentic. Excellent video recipe Sir, keep it up…

  10. LDL ? who gives a shit great vid.

  11. bro you're the BEEZKNEEEEESSSSSSSS!!

  12. Love this video … quick question …. I have a pellet grill, was wondering if I could put pimento seed berry’s in the pellet feed to produce authentic jerk smoke?… not sure if it’s gonna break my feed, but the idea came to me…

  13. Speaking of jerk pork , how is that stable genius in Washington .

  14. This cooked for nearly 5 hours thats how i know this guy knows real jamaicans we cook everything extra extra well done 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Great video Malcom! Just curious on why you don't cut more pork butts into steak size slabs as you do here. Seems like you get more of the bark that everyone loves. I know you can do it however you like but just curious on why YOU don't do it that way? Keep up the great videos!

  16. Done lots of jerk chicken next pork butt will be Jerk Pork love it thanks for the ideas!!! Enjoying the podcast and your segment on the BBQ central show!

  17. U are absolutely awesome I wasn't sure if I could use foil paper but now am gonna use it tomorrow I just marinated the pork ribs and can't wait for tomorrow

  18. I think the vegetables and sauce ruined it

  19. As a Jamaican I will be honest with everyone.

    This looks WICKED. 🔥

    As good as any jerk pork you can get ina Jamaica.

    This proves that You don't have to be Jamaican to master Jamaican food.

    Nuff respeck big mon.
    👊🏾 🇯🇲

  20. As an Jamaican. U make me real proud

  21. I orgasmed 6 times watching this

  22. New subscriber from New Zealand. I've binge watched your channel! It's awesome. Everything looks delicious.

  23. Great video, however, one of the signature flavors of jerk cooking is the Scotch Bonnet Pepper. I recommend to anybody trying this that you find that rather than cayenne.

  24. Loose some weights buddy

  25. i seriously cannot get enough of your videos i've been watching for 3 days straight now!! i'm gaining weight just watching

  26. Thanks, Malcolm. Looks delicious!

  27. Thanks, Malcolm. Looks delicious!

  28. "Get sum mo of dis porrrk" #Malcom&thebabybackribsBand

  29. I’ve caught a few of your videos over the past 2 or 3 days…haven’t been disappointed yet. But THIS one here won me over! Had to subscribe! You’re the man! Thanks for sharing this good eatin’!

  30. Boogie2988….is that you? Man, that food looks good

  31. " I gotta steal that right here at the pit" 😂😂 I love it! Great video!!The

  32. I love your videos man ! Wish I can taste your meals but too bad I'm from philly

  33. This dude is the GOAT. 🔥

  34. I wanna know who thumbdwns BBQ videos. I mean, it doesn't even make sense…. lol

  35. Bloodclooooot..boi what you talk bout glaze smh….

  36. Mr reed, have you ever smoked with pimento wood? I was reading that you can't put pimento wood directly on the fire because the wood will give the food a bad taste.

  37. Looks awesome!! Meanwhile I am stuck at home with frozen pork chops and I don't know what to do with them 🙁 -_-

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