Joji and Rich Brian Grill Exotic Meats for a House Party | Feast Mansion

It’s Joji and Rich Brian’s final night at Feast Mansion, and they’re going out with a bang. With 88rising’s end-of-summer blowout finally upon them, the guys decide to grill up a feast full of rare, hard-to-find meats, from snake and alligator skewers, to camel kebabs and bull testicles. Joined…


  1. Shout out to Brian's dad for feeding him the protein he needed to become 5'8".

  2. I'm just waiting for them to eat bat soup

  3. its amazing how this came out 2 years ago and im still watching it

  4. I'm gonna tell my kids this is how the corona virus started

  5. Who is that girl with white hair

  6. I'm from Florida, alligator's pretty good

  7. 9:28 "we're all asian so we down eat what ever"

    Brian being Indonesian: "don't say that"

  8. Coronavirus at its finest ??✨

  9. The inner ff is being felt since i joji said that they're going to cook some bulls' testicles HAHAH

  10. If rat was one joji would make some good food.

  11. Chicken hearts you say? Hmmm

  12. I would try alligator and snake! Testes? No thanks!

  13. “lemme get a bit of that testicle”


  14. I see Joji’s Japanese side as he bows as he shake his hand.
    My “I’m proud to be Japanese moment” ??

  15. Who else is wondering searching for someone who actually like bull testicles bcs. I don't it sounds gross and I don't hab the balls to do it

  16. This brings "suck my balls" to a new level

  17. I thought in the intro he said idiot rising

  18. Says about testicles: you can just grill those babies up. … Babies. It takes a sperm and an egg to make a baby. There's not one baby. there's not two babies. Those are de-scroted testis. ? /= ??.

  19. This is nothing to George, He made and ate motherfucking Human cake

  20. all throughout the vid, i swore i could just watch joji's biceps, damn those are also smoking hot.


  22. Joji loves cooking nasty shit, as we all know

  23. uhhh i can feel the cringeness

  24. I’ve been waiting feed y’all nasty shit

  25. "It taste like chicken hearts!"

    That's some nice frank nostalgia."

  26. Brian: welcome to the feast mansion
    Joji: welcome to the feast mansion
    Brian: welcome to the feast mansion
    Franku: ~wELcOmE tO thE fEaSt ManSion

  27. Joji wtf you have eaten hair cake and your scared of that


  28. Dissaponted that I didn't see any Rat meat. That quasilada he cooked looked fine

  29. George would know a lot about chicken hearts

  30. Why joji dont cook rat burritos

  31. Am I the only one that got genuinely upset at 10:57. Whole thing gets derailed so this girl can model and shamelessly flash us a hoodie’s logo ?

  32. Sean looks like a combination of Joji and Brian lol

  33. when joji said "we got some snake" nope. hell no. ?

  34. "We are asians so we are down to eat whatever" -Sean 2018 9:29

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