1. Favorite commercial of all time

  2. best grilling commercial ever 👍

  3. In Utah it’s different. Winter consists of chili in bread bowls, hot chocolate, skiing like crazy, and some wrestling.

  4. Thank you so much. I actually think about the ad every spring and this was the first time I thought to go look for it. Our first crocus opened today!!!

  5. I hate commercials but this one is a killer. That look on his face at the end kills me. All time favorite and genius advertising

  6. Hands down probably one of my favorite commercials of all time,I live in mid Michigan, some years we get blessed with late lake effect snow,on occasion it can snow in May and ya when it stops your like wtf is all this green stuff on the ground.

  7. Grilling
    Guy: Hey, what is this? What’s going on?
    Man: hell
    Man: where have you been
    Guy: i was inside, for so long, it was nothing, no yard no grill, it’s just white and cold
    Man: it was winter buddy, just winter.
    Guy: felt calm
    Person: somebody get this man a burger.
    Narrator: winter’s over, it’s time to come out and grill.

  8. Still funny and true.
    Is that scene from a movie?

  9. Ever since this commercial ad went on the air , I made it a tradition to play it the moment the first day of spring arrives , Absolutely a great to welcome in Spring
    It would be lovely if spring and summer was around permanently

  10. Here it is three years later and I still feel the same . . . see my comment below . . .

  11. best friggin commercial ever


  13. The perfect ad to welcome in Spring

  14. Sitting here waiting on the snowpocalypse in the northeast tomorrow. I can relate to this.

  15. it was just winter Buddy lol

  16. How sad nobody intelligent enough to see veiled propaganda in Ads. The message here is.. Whites are lost without a multi cultural identity. A white male enters disoriented , is comforted by a racially/sexually balanced group… Lastly Freeze frame the last part with the close up of the grill ..Note the phallus posed near the Chicken.. This is a psych trick to get you to remember the message by showing you a sexual  image …   If you think I'm making this stuff up.. Look for a book called : The Hidden Persuaders …..The Hidden Persuaders was the first book to expose the hidden world of “motivation research,” the psychological technique that advertisers use to probe our minds in order to control our actions as consumers. Through analysis of products, political campaigns and television programs of the 1950s, Packard shows how the insidious manipulation practices that have come to dominate today’s corporate-driven world began. Featuring an introduction by Mark Crispin Miller, The Hidden Persuaders ….Despite that book was written in the50's the practice of ad propaganda ..thought shaping still goes on today…

  17. For an old commercial to appear on TV in 2016 is amazing


  19. Of all the barbecue commercials I've seen, this one is the best.

  20. The black guy was cooking up the burgers, and then he's the same one asking for one.. Only I noticed this ?

  21. My favorite commercial. When it comes on you know warmer weather is not far off.

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