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High-CapacRound table edge design

The design of round edge table greatly improves the safety factor of the product in the process of use.


Adjustable table foot

The adjustable table foot can effectively help the worktable to be placed smoothly in different places.

Selection of high quality materials

Our kitchen work table is made of high quality stainless steel and galvanized sheet, which improves the service life of the product.







easy to assemble

Our instructions are very concise. It takes 20-30 minutes to open the package and assemble the product.

Stainless steel wire drawing table top

Stainless steel wire drawing table makes the product more wear-resistant, increases the service life of the table, but also makes the table look more beautiful.

Adjustable bottom plate

You can adjust the bottom plate to different heights according to your requirements, but it should be noted that when adjusting, you’d better first fix the diagonal at the same height.


Kitchen work table should be an indispensable tool for every family. In the kitchen, people can use the metal kitchen table to process food, prepare a rich dinner for their children, of course, they can also use daily tools. The super-large desktop can put all kinds of tools you want. For children, the stainless steel work table is more acceptable for his exclusive experimental platform, he carries out all kinds of activities he wants, places toys, or performs experimental operations.


Stainless steel desktop and table foot greatly improve the service life of the kitchen work table.

Adjustable table feet make the stainless steel worktable suitable for all kinds of places .

Stainless steel quality of metal work table makes cleaning easier.

The lower shelf of the kitchen work table provides more storage space.

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♠『Easy To Assemble』 The assembly of a kitchen work table is very simple. According to the instructions in the manual, you can complete the assembly in 30 minutes. Stainless steel work table is mainly composed of desktop and corner, so there will not be many installation problems. After installing the metal work table, please make sure that it is in a stable state. You can complete the operation by changing the height of adjustable table foot.stainless steel work table kitchen work table.
♠『Anti-rust&Strong』 Our kitchen work table is made of high quality stainless steel, anti-rust, and not easy to wear and tear, you can directly cut vegetables and other food on the stainless steel work table. But we still want to remind you that after use, we need to clean up the metal work table to avoid unnecessary damage.Please note that our base plate is work table stainless steel work table metal work table.
♠『Adjustable Table Foot』 The four legs of our kitchen work table are adjustable and can be used anywhere.Of course, you need to balance the whole stainless steel work table by adjusting the height of each metal work table foot.metal work table stainless steel work table kitchen work table.
♠『More Storage Space』 Our kitchen work table has two layers up and down to provide you with more storage space. We can put microwave oven, juicer and other kitchen utensils you need on the lower layer, and then process your ingredients on the upper layer of the metal work table. Of course, the upper space of the stainless steel work table is enough for any ingredients you need.metal work table stainless steel work table.
♠『Multipurpose Use』 If you think that your kitchen work table is only suitable for kitchen, you are wrong. It is a good choice to put it in garage as a repair bench and in children’s room as his experimental bench. Of course, before you choose to buy the metal work table, you need to confirm whether the size is suitable for your place of use. If there are any problems with the stainless steel work table, please contact us work table metal work table stainless steel work table

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