Mark Zuckerberg's second grilling from US lawmakers – watch live

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  1. Mark just needs prison time

  2. The Facebook government sucks

  3. He doesn't belong being Facebook coo hes doing everything wrong he should be fired you all know hes doing all the wrong things Facebook doesn't need to go under payment we can't afford it to Facebook shouldn't be having Facebook identity Facebook doesn't need to have a Facebook photo id this guy mark Zuckerberg is doing everything wrong he should be fired and arrested for all of this its not right or fair to have a Facebook photo id why should we need it why should we pay for using Facebook he should know hes doing everything wrong and be fired from the Facebook company its wrong to have a Facebook photo id its wrong to have a Facebook identity mark Zuckerberg is so evil he needs jail time

  4. He say sorry instead spend 10 years in jail, Mark go against Facebook Community Standards, does Facebook block him?

  5. this questioning with time limits is ridiculous, he barely gets a chance to answer their stupid questions

  6. Пиздец, как же бесят эти конгресмены: Задают вопрос и не дают ответить, перебивают. Удивительно как малыш марк не всполыхнул

  7. The us government should know a thing or two about invading privacy, shouldn't they?

  8. Have listen to the whole almost 10 hours from both days. This is a circus. Has nothing to do with the IT generation beeing in charged with internet these days, has nothing to do with personal privacy, is just a circus where IT illiterate seniors try to show mr. Zuckerberg that they are in charge. Ridiculous. And for everyone else, YOU-THE USER, are responsible for what you post, what you say, what you do on internet, and if you want to put someone else in charge then say goodbye to your privacy. IS common sense and the young generation knows it already, but the seniors and morrons barely now understand that whitout user education internet is a dangerous place.

  9. Politicians can't do yes or no questions but requires others to do so? Oo

  10. I find that Mr Zuckerberg had enough time aready to manage it and to fix things. I would of make my employees work from a fb work office and fb computers so we could know who did what and had to it a second memory so they couldnt hack this one. Etc. Wanting my ideas i an special consultant.

  11. He makes all them billions, but yet can't fix his hairline lol

  12. This was stupid. If you don't have time to hear the answer way asking???

  13. I watched the first hearing and the second hearing. Why they heck do they have to keep asking the same questions. It's so irritating. It kinda of sucks many of this politician are the ones that will be representing us for a long time. We should as voters put limits on how long congress can stay in office. Not only would that negate corporations donations but force out entrenched incompetent politician that dont fully support their constituents beliefs. We need to bring integrity back but that just wishful thinking.

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  15. Mr Barton vice chairman of Texas seems like such a nice guy

  16. I'm not American, and don't know much about congress and whatnot. But how is this a good system? 4 minutes each – 3 of which are taken up by some old person spreading misinformation or misinterpreted information and then demanding him to give a 1 word answer? It annoys me just watching them shut down any answers he gives that are over a sentence long.

  17. This hearing is a 5 hour meme.

  18. Maybe he can leak who HowToBasic is.

  19. The diversity guy ahaha

  20. Ms castor 😑😐 we the users has control if we like to post it or share something. Facebook didnt demand us to post and share things!

  21. these old people don't even know what to ask him to get the answers the're looking for XD

  22. Is that correct? That's correct. correct? correct.

  23. Im pretty sure, even in America, you're allowed your defence

  24. its the internet, and good luck!

  25. A mind field to opt in or out??? Ms Eshoo and the rest of Congress should have researched or used FB so can ask appropriate questions!!!

  26. The opening remark so far is fair….

  27. Watched the first grilling; seems some of these people just do not understand or do not want to understand what MZ has programmed to do – they just wanted to push their agenda. the responsibility lies on the USERS regardless if terms and conditions are short-simple…common sense tells you joining is at USERS OWN RISK. It is so unfair that MZ's contribution to the global community as a whole is not being looked at but something trivial. These lot should say thank you to MZ and support him where they can rather than treating him as though he has committed 'the crime' !!!

  28. 42 minutes in to this and I'm already bored……what a waste of time for Mark Zuckerberg…I mean damn

  29. I find it unprofessional that they`re on there phones.

  30. Why doesn't facebook develop a browser?

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