Masterbuilt 20101113 Digital Electric Smoker Stand, 30-Inch #campcooking

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Get more from your 30” Masterbuilt electric digital smoker with the Masterbuilt 30” Smoker Stand. This convenient stands holds your high performance smoker up off the ground for easier accessibility. Durable heavy-duty steel stand also provides a bottom storage shelf for smoking supplies, like wood chips, tools, cooking pans and more. Standing 16” tall, this strong stand fits all Masterbuilt 30” Electric Digital Smokers.

Fits most 30-inch models of Masterbuilt digital electric smokers
Raises smoker 16-inches for easier access. Compatible with MES 230 series
Heavy-Duty steel construction and fits models-20070213, 20070312, 20071214, 20071314, 20071414, 20071514, 20071614, 20071714, 20072112, 20072212, 20072312, 20072414, 20072512, 20072712, 20072812, 20072912, 20100714, 20101213
Bottom storage shelf for extra wood chips and tools
This stand does not fit Bluetooth models or models starting with MB’s or model numbers ending in 17 or greater

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