Ninja Foodi Grill Grill vs. Ninja Foodi Grill Air Crisp-Which Makes the Better Wing! Wing War!

This is a test of which function on the Ninja Foodi Grill makes a better wing. I will be using the Ninja Foodi grill function and the Ninja Foodi Grill Air Crisp function to make an equal amount of wings. Everything will be the same except for which function on the Ninja Foodi Grill we use to…


  1. So the wings that sat for a half hour and dried out didn’t taste as good as the ones you just made? lol

  2. I love the way the air crisp turned out. They were very crunchy even without the breading

  3. So…. she just not going to season that chicken ??

  4. Thanks for the Video! I just got my Ninja and testing it out… far I have made air fried chicken thighs, grilled swordfish, and making grilled filet mignon tonight – can't wait, and tomorrow I am going to try the air fried wings! They do look better than the grilled wings! Buffalo Sauce is a must after air frying! I love my Ninja Foodie!

  5. Once again great video. Im totally used to my machine now and cook my wings with the air crisper basket…comes out perfect. I cook thick bacon on the crisper basket.
    And it warms up certain foods better tjan the microwave. I also ordered the dehydrate rack and use one of the to cook the small single frozen pizza.
    Thanks again.

  6. Thanks for this! We got our Ninja Foodie Grill for Xmas. Going to pick up wings at Whole Foods and do them tomorrow!???

  7. Is there a proper place I may go on your site to ask a question about filet mignon in the FoodiGrillPro? Friends made it for yesterday (grass fed-if that makes any difference)..

  8. Mmm…I don't know what ur review really show us.
    All I care is to know if the foodie grill is worth buying and does it work?

  9. I'm going to the market now to buy small batch of ckn wings…I've only had them once in 30 yrs..that was
    this Christmas as side dish with friends…now that I can do it simply in my NFG you did…I am going
    to try it. Thank you so much…never occurred to me they could be done so simply ! 🙂 Heads UP Pressure Crisp!

  10. Love your video, very informative plus you don't muck around, you get to the point! Excellent!

  11. Good job, but it has been my experience that when cooking chicken if you want color you have to use some sort of seasoning, or coating. If not the chicken will come out pale, unless you overcook them. Something you don’t want to do. I think the crisper method is the better route to take. Good job!????

  12. I have had mine about 1week still trying out different ways between grill versus air fryer. I think the thing that made me the most happy for having spent that kind of money was baking potatoes in it. Oh my gosh the skin was like crisp potato chips. Pure heaven never liked them in the microwave hated turning on the oven.

  13. Thank you for your 5-1in-1 videos! The recipes are far and few out there! Making wings tomorrow and will follow your air crisp directions!

  14. No way. Fresh chicken wings seasoned, no oil baked at 375 in over for 35 minutes. Nice and crisp. Better than any air fryer.

  15. Thank you because I love wings. Your video was the only and best one that addressed it as if it was me. ??

  16. I’m getting this for my wife for Christmas. Well, mainly for me haha. I’m sure we’ll get a lot of use out of it

  17. My biggest complaint about the “air fryers” is that it seems to over cook the food just to achieve the golden brown color/crunch that we all love.

  18. I ordered one few days on PRO version from TV late night ad ..cant wait till getting it! …Is GREAT for these days Snowy/rainy & cold days u cant BBQ outdoors!

  19. Look good, My husband wants to buy one I just wonder if I can use it with out the oil I’m allergic to oils & fats , I will make sure before I buy it , Great Video

  20. I use air fry option for cooking the wings. I put the wings a bowl and pour in some bbq sauce while preheating the grill. Put the wings on the grill and caramelize the sauce. Takes about 3 to 5 mins to caramelize. PERFECT!!

  21. Thank you,this was a great video!

  22. I love chicken one of my favorite meals

  23. You can't beat dark brown and crispy baby.

  24. Can I cook frozen in bone wings the same way?

  25. Great vid, peaked my interest in this machine

  26. how would they come out if you use flour and cornstarch on them i'm going to try that

  27. If you add baking soda to the skin before cooking, it changes the pH , and allows the skin to get more brown and crispy. Google it. ?

  28. Can you season the meat before you put it in the air fryer or grill?

  29. how long have you had that bottle with avocado oil and how do you like it as I gave had several over the years and not one lasted ?Also what is logic of spraying fat over fat ?

  30. When would you add the BBQ sauce. Please and thanks. I like my food, hot, hot. Not cooled by the BBQ sauce..

  31. Thank you, Thank you. You made me late for the Gym. However, it was worth it. I am pretty sure I am going out to buy one. The grill, not one chicken wing. Lol.

  32. you should try doing the wings in the NINJA AIR FRYER thats out there….. compare to the grill machine

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