Planning Food for a 5-Day Backpacking Trip

Planning meals for a backpacking trip can be tricky, but it’s important to get it right, as it will have a huge impact on how much you enjoy your trip. In this episode of Backpacking TV, Eric Hanson walks through how he plans food for a 5-day backpacking trip.

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  1. Cool video…I've only been camping a few times but I'm craving to just get out in nature and go camping solo for a few days.

    This is really useful…I was gonna ask about water, do you take it with you or use a kit or something?

  2. Peanut butter, canned meat, sealed cheese, dried fruits, crackers, Sally to cook with.

  3. Another great informative video Eric!!!

  4. What about canned tuna? I'm planning a 3 day solo for the first time and don't have a heating kit.

  5. I usually bring salmon for times like these. Couple handfuls right in my pockets. Easy on the go snack.

  6. Thumbs up if you're thinkin' ONE day….

  7. Good recommendations! I’ve seen your videos on food reviews, but it would be cool if you did a couple on drink mixes for the trail. Maybe one for hot drinks and one for cold/electrolyte drinks?

  8. I’m going backpacking for 6 days in Auyuittuq National Park in my beautiful Canada

  9. Excellent briefing worthy of an Add and upwardly pointing thumb.

  10. I bring salamis too but holy hell does it make me thirsty!

  11. I switched to Good to Go last year and love them

  12. That oatmeal has glyphosate in it. I’d stay away.

  13. How long does the pepperoni last on the trail?

  14. What do you pack for a 2 week trip? That is the question and that is the art.

  15. Ugh. Do I really need to subscribe to another camping channel?…..yes!! 🙂 🙂

  16. Where can I get an msr cap like yours? Great video thanks

  17. Cooking your peanut butter…. THAT’S JUST STUPID!

  18. Great video! I learned some yrs ago, to carry a small secure container with olive oil along, as well. Just have with lunch/dinner. Like your "bring a lime" recommendation.

  19. Another "great commercial" from Backpacking tv.

  20. I've read that your pack weight should not exceed 20% of your body weight, is this right? If so how would one carry enough food and gear for 7-Day hike? I thought about MREs but they will put me at about 40 pounds of food. Add that to my pack and I'd be carrying about 60 lb with me which is double 20% of my body weight. I'm guessing MREs would be a bad idea for a trip where you are steadily hiking and only camping overnight. I've also decided to switch from a Deuter act Lite 75 + 10 to a 65 + 10 which is also knocking off another 2 pounds. The mountain meal dehydrated meals are only about 2.6 ounces per package, so that helps substantially being that all my foods packed weight is going to weigh under 4 lb.

  21. Will you be doing any more camping food videos in the future? Would love to give you a sample of my product to see if its worth mentioning.

  22. Not the kind of chow for bear country. Good luck getting all that into a bear canister.

  23. Where were you hiking in the last part of the video?

  24. Ok, but do you really need the competing music?

  25. Great job, Eric! Is this filmed at the Inner Basin?

  26. What about keeping food cold? Any suggestions?

  27. I love watching your helpful videos.I am new to backpacking and need to find cheap but efficient one night gear.Any tips .

  28. If I am hiking with others, would it be beneficial to know what the other members have packed? Sharing lists the night before for example?

  29. One word: PARMESAN! Lots of it!

  30. Eric, you do an outstanding job on your videos! I look forward to your tips and tricks.

  31. WanderJoe, das ist sehr gut!

  32. Hay, yes we have Do this on my norway trip. Good Video thank from germany. Sorry my english is Bad.

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