Prestige PPBB-02 / Grill Master 5000 Coal Barbeque Grill – Review and Getting

In this follow-up video to the unboxing and assembly, we show you how you can get the barbeque started and review the PPBB 02 Grill Master 5000.

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  1. It's been 2 years how is the grill working now

  2. What is the use of the fan while cooking at the lid?Do we need to open the fan or close it while cooking when we cover the lid

  3. Is it advisable to put a layer of sand as a base? And then put the charcoal above.

  4. I thought this is Prestige Grill Master 5000 review. What you should have covered is if the BBQ utensil loses its paint and lustre due to heat and if it gets rusting. As you are using it for 2 years so you should do another video about the same.

  5. Never light a barbeque in a closed room.. first rule of bbq, always outside 🤷

  6. Using Camphor can be dangerous as it contains lots of poisonous chemicals when burnt the smoke can be harmful as it will come in contact with charcoal/ food on top of it.

  7. I can use this inside home??

  8. My coal doesn't burn. Please help

  9. Use the skewers over the main grill diagonally.prestige told.

  10. You have placed the base plate in place of cover

  11. Thank you for the coal burning tip… Product review is really helpful 🙂

  12. camphor has a different kind of smell.. does it not effect the taste or the smell of bbqs?

  13. Super bro…And yes you said right no holes for the skewers to pass through and close …so bro is there any other brand you would suggest & available in Indian market.

  14. Hi, thanks for the informative video! I have ordered the same. I had a question.. How many kgs of coal do you need for one barbecue session with this Grill?

  15. Using briquettes with camphor is a nice tip. You could probably include the briquette brand in your description (maybe also where to buy it).

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