December 6


Pulled Pork on a Drum Smoker (Pit Barrel Cooker) #bbq #grilling

By Pig & Beef

December 6, 2020

Pit Barrel Cooker

Learn how to smoke pulled pork using a drum smoker (Pit Barrel Cooker). With a Pit Barrel Cooker, your pulled pork will get a rich smoke flavor.

Plan on at least seven-eight hours and another hour or so to rest the meat. Here’s everything we used for this cook:

1 bone-in pork butt
Tennessee Mojo BBQ Rub (or a rub of your choice)
Mustard (for the binder)
Hickory wood chunks

Check out our other video showing how to cook pulled pork on a wood pellet grill here:

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  1. This looked sensational mate. Who doesn’t want to have food like this. Pulled pork is a favourite over here.Gday from Australia mate 🤝🇦🇺new friend here supporting. 👍🍺 cheers to this great recipe 👌

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