Quick Steak Grilling Tips

Some quick tips and tricks for grilling steak. For recipes please visit www.kentrollins.wordpress.com or www.kentrollins.com


  1. I like these older videos but you can really see how good Shannon has gotten over the years in editing and production.

  2. Thank you so much Mr. Rollins for your videos, enjoy watching them.

  3. Can you buy Red River Ranch seasonings in Canada?

  4. The wife says. Your grill would not stick if you stop scraping the hell out of it with a wire brush, it's iron folks and you want to build up a patena on the iron, wipe your grill off when it's still warm, wadded up newspaper and olive oil will work and a hefty non-metal scrub brush, be patient and take care of your grill before it gets cold and all that food and sauce is dried and stuck on the metal over the years you will have the best grill ever and nothing will stick.

  5. Thanks for the tips, my mom has glass dishes just like that, small world

  6. Why you don't wear some colts?

  7. Love the vids cowboy. Great job and keep it up, brother.

  8. I just bought my first bottle of lime juice! Lol. It works! Thank you Team Cookie.


  10. Does anyone know what grill that is?!

  11. The Safeway store here is having a ribeye bone in sale for $4.97 lb. this week, I couldn't pass that up.

  12. Using a gas torch and saying "Just do it natural"!!!! smh

  13. ,,,,,,i need to hit you with a hammer if you over cooked it! lol

  14. Man that filet was way too raw man … yuck .. bloody, practically still moving..

  15. Rule #1. Your steak will only be as good as the quality of the meat.

  16. CKR is a true role model in every aspect

  17. "Sweet Beef of Mine?" Love it.

  18. Keep up the good work I enjoy watching

  19. Dont like lighter fluid but you sure killed your lump coal with a propane fire

  20. I prefer not adding all them fancy powder and lime juice flavors I like the taste of the meat…

  21. Hell I use a whole onion to season my grill. Rub the shit out of it till the onion is black cut then start all over again

  22. I got that same grill! But not the skills….

  23. Like the doneness testing method! Thanks for the lesson. – Marc

  24. Kent your are such a awesome man i got so much respect and love for you brother god bless

  25. Not at all true. I love your stuff though, you are awesome!!!! Myron Mixon uses a shit ton of lighter fluid and wins all kinds of awards, it burns off. Never use lighter fluid in a Komodo style grill though!

  26. Charcoal Rules! A++ Ken. !

  27. Goodness Sir, you been doing this video and cooking thing a while. I like going back and see how you did it back when. But I can't hang with you on that raw meat… lol.. I have to have mine without any red.

  28. previous comment aside, i wish it was possible to see you and hank hill debate the merits of propane versus charcoal as you're both claiming the same results from your respective fuel sources. here's hoping mike judge gets wind of this and care to play along.

  29. i know this is an old video but i hope you've stopped using bristled brushes to clean your grill. my father's a big grill and bbq guy and a couple of years ago he was using a standard wire grill brush to clean his grill. a wire bristle ended up getting stuck to the grill, got stuck to the meat and he swallowed it. that loose bristle ended up puncturing his intestine leading to a lot of internal bleeding and emergency surgery. please folks, get bristle free brushes.

  30. Just ordered your 2 spices and cookbook, thank you for these videos they bring me great joy! God Bless you, Mr. Rollins.

  31. Thank you for your comment about the meat thermometer people today don't think they can cook without all this stuff it amazes me at how people think they have to have a meat probe I may have to have a set of gloves oh my God how did we ever get this far people they think they have to consume consume consume to get anything done they have to rely on something else not their own smarts and instincts good job man

  32. Don't get me wrong , I love your videos . But I only eat my steak with a little salt and pepper , If that . If I wanted to taste the seasoning you mentioned . I would eat it out of the container .

  33. I love your technique it’s too bad I can’t cook my meats medium they have to well done to medium well because of my wife’s health.

  34. Watching you makes my life happier, ty so much, I fell on har times, and I’m in Texas, I have a electric ⚡️ Weber grill, cuz thats all I’m aloud to use in apartment, 2nd floor, I still love ❤️ grilling, any tips for me? On a good flavor on electric ⚡️ grill? Much appreciated.

  35. Kent doing it again!! Thank you sir!! You help me look like a master chef! Lol

  36. Tks for your replies!! I’m gonna get me some of your rubs👌🏻👌🏻, Fod bless you 🙏🏻

  37. Appreciate your replying👌🏻I will check your website, Tks

  38. Don’t kill me… I’ve seen this vid like 5 times, trying to get the most out of it, just one more thing and no more bugging you 😅.. the grille itself with the cast iron grades, do you sell that on your page like the spices or where can I buy one…. just got tire of the same gas stainless steel BBQ… Tks, apologies for bothering you .

  39. Where may I get the charcoal Best of the West, I looked it up at Home Depot, they have the all natural meskeet lump charcoal in 20 pounds bags, just not that brand. Tks

  40. Wao… You sure made me hungry… would you share full description of the torch used, would appreciate if you share the brand of that huge charcoal used or if I could order it from you, I’m in Florida. Tks again! God bless you 🙏🏻

  41. Like the Irish music and tips, thanks.

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