Rotisserie Grilling Two Turkeys?

Can you fit two 12 pound turkeys on a Weber Summit 670? Yes…just barely.
Adapted from my rotisserie cookbook:
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  1. Can you  use the infrared burner at the end also, or is it recommended in the beginning?

  2. Beautiful perfect perfect perfect

  3. Hey Mike just found your channel and I am liking what I see. Could you do a review of your Weber summit? Been thinking about getting one.

  4. veramente bravo dovrebbe lavorare alla NASA

  5. Thanks. Weber says max 20 lbs on the rotisserie so I got two 9 + lbs, wish I would have found this before I purchased them. What did you use for seasoning?

  6. this info is what I needed. I just bought the weber summit 670 because I am making turkey on the rotisserie for thanksgiving. I was debating doing on large or 2 smaller ones. after this I'm going to go with the 2 turkey option. thanks!

  7. Oh man now we're talking… lol! Looks great

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