1. I have never been more ashamed to click on a video than this moment, right here, right now…

  2. Lol. Cooking for 20 people on a grill that size? Did you start dinner at 6am? Or did everyone have a half of a slider hamburger?

  3. Where's the link to the hose?

  4. Brilliant review, thinking of getting one of these👍🏼

  5. got one, love it so much !

  6. he said webber 2400 pro, title says Q1200?

  7. Ace Hardware (if you have them in your area) carries these in store.

  8. I have seen a comment that roasting is "gas tasting"

  9. I have one of these – great little bbq.  Convection-style cooking.  Can't believe you said "connecting cables" though.  It's not a TV.  What you meant is a propane HOSE.

  10. I love this grill! I got one from my father in law just because he loved his. Happy grilling, everyone!

  11. One amazing thing about this barbecue; it has the heat spreader built into the cast iron grates. This means that, with only 8500 BTUs, the burner heat heats the grates directly. This means they heat fast and stay hot while the 'Q is on. I was flabbergobsmacked that this thing grills 2 steaks better than my 30KBTU while using only 1/4 the propane.

  12. $279 on Amazon and everywhere else currently…Yuck!

  13. is it possible to use it indoors? like inside a kitchen, in an apartment.

  14. I really hope that was a phone in your pocket ….

  15. One quick question do you have to season this grill?

  16. The key to cooking steaks on this grill is to redline the temp gauge before use. The Q is a great grill when you know how to use it.

  17. Another good point….. IT'S A FREAKING WEBER!!!

  18. I just bought one of these for a new apartment I moved into. My only concern is that my patio is all wood (3rd floor) and I don't quite have enough room for the recommended 2 feet of distance the manual warns about. It's about 1.5 feet to the left and right, and two or more feet in all other directions.

    If I keep it clean, how controllable is the flame?

  19. Is that a battery pack in your pocket, or are you just excited about the BBQ?

  20. After you install the converter hose to use the 20# tank can you just disconnect the hose and use the disposable canister?

  21. Thank you just made my decision

  22. What size are those portable propane cans? How long do they last for?

  23. How long do the small propane canisters last?

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