"SMOKE-BAKING" a pizza over a CUSTOM FIREPIT | Outdoor cooking | Off-grid cabin | Labrador, Canada

In this video I combine two types of cooking to produce a pizza that is both smoked AND baked, resulting in an outdoor cooking experience that was incredible and will kick-start more cooking of this kind into the future. Let the drooling begin!!!

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Chuck Porter – Everything…


  1. Ahhh, Chuck my all-time favourite food is 'Pizza', and yours is damn good looking if I say so myself, you have me drooling all over my tee shirt, thanks for sharing your culinary skills! mmmmmmmm

  2. Beauty job Chuck….tfs!

  3. Chuck ,leave a piece of the pizza at the plum point Irving along the way.Let me know when you"ll be across.

  4. that is a cool firepit you have there. pizza looked very tasty. take care

  5. Always look forward to your videos,great job .

  6. Man every time I see your fire box with your name on it , I get jealous I want one for my backyard but out here in California it would just start another wildfire and we cant have that anymore
    To make a true pizza you need to add some avocados, olives, onions and some jalapeños all from California and then wash it down with some local Canadian beer..Local beer always taste better than the big guys ..save a piece for me and one for Willow.. I am going fishing next week so I will miss your next video post but will catch up when I get back…I wishing the fishing here was as good as the fishing where you live, I enjoy your videos on your fishing trips and wish I was catching those big ones..see you in about two weeks..Dave

  7. Looks really good and a good family moment

  8. Wood fire pizza is the best!!

  9. I have to say you're editing job is pretty darn good. Making video's like this is not easy.

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