Smoked Beef Barbacoa – Street Tacos – Smoked Beef Cheeks

On this cook, I smoke up the most tender & best tasting beef cheeks I’ve ever had. Beef cheek is also known as barbacoa which is a staple in the Hispanic community. This was a very easy cook and I highly recommend you give it a shot.

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  1. i know this isn't super important but i couldn't help but notice you were adjusting your hat and glasses while wearing the gloves you used to prep.

  2. Thanks for the video Joe! I just happen to have beef cheeks in the freezer and been watching a few videos on the best way to prepare and cook them. Your video makes me want to cook them right now!!

  3. What is a good finished temp range to start checking for tenderness?

  4. Joe, could you do a video on how to make you’re salsas ?

  5. Doing this early Sunday Morning. Looks Perfect.

  6. Thanks and good to know a ballpark for the time frame. After I get my rib smoking process down, cheeks are next. Thanks for making the video! (Sorry about the wrong hat and shirt), but great video : )

  7. Watched the entire video. I want to do a video (and eat) some awesome barbacoa tacos. Thanks for the info good sir. Great job.

  8. There's live chats about beef cheeks?

  9. Dude my prima send this to me. Great video vato. Can’t wait to try it. I was looking for a way to smoke barbacoa. Keep them videos coming

  10. Hey how’s it going!? Where did you get the diffuser plate from? My Gateway didn’t come with one

  11. Having left El Paso 5 years ago. I was craving some barbacoa! Found your video and gonna give it a try this weekend! Hopefully I can find some beef cheek here in Oregon/Washington.

  12. If I can't find beef cheeks, what else do you recommend stud?

  13. what other meat can be used

  14. Damn it must be great going to your cookouts durring Sunday Football Games

  15. Loved it. Barbacoa is one of our family Sunday breakfast tradition. Great job Brother.

  16. Hey Joe, how bout sharing those salsa recipes??

  17. Lol that’s funny with the bird box reference. Now the tacos i can eat every day they look delicious! Btw good luck this Saturday with the rams! Cheers and keepbbqing

  18. I've been wanting to do some beef cheeks. Seeing those beauties you smoked convinces me I need to try that. Holy smokes those were tender!

  19. Great idea using these for tacos. Beef cheeks are very underrated. Lots of great meat there.

  20. Damn that looked Amazing nice work

  21. What happened to the live feed?

  22. Great job on those tacos Joe. Wish I was there to have some. How 'bout them Cowboys!!!!

  23. Where can I get the beef cheeks like that the only way I find them are frozen or small shredded up

  24. Never heard of this, but being from the D, I am not surprised. Looks really good, going to have to give it a try once it gets warmer. Is the flavor more of a pure beef ? I can see the cilantro and salsa adding that texmex flavor, but seems like the meat would be more of bbq style vs texmex.

  25. Austin cook Joe I need about five of those shipped Iowa. Thank you for sharing this video bro. Have to go to my Mexican grocery store and ask them about beef cheeks. Keep smoking TNT BBQ

  26. Great job I that looks awesome, I love smoked beef barbacoa but I find it more than difficult to remove the silver skin from the cheeks I can trim a 14lb brisket in 15 minutes but it takes me 30 minutes to trim 1 beef cheek LOL
    Thank you for the good video

  27. Looks awesome buddy
    Enjoy 😊
    You need to make a video on how to make that avocado salsa !!! Thx!

  28. I really like beef cheeks – but never cooked the myself. I need to change that. Looks wonderful

  29. Low and slow Joe….you know it! These tacos sound delicious! The meat itself sounds awesome! Gotta try this soon!!! Take care!

  30. That barbacoa looks legit! Where did you get that sweet apron?

  31. Hey Big Joe …..  By The Looks Of Those Beef Cheeks A Five Hour Cook Is Worth It !!!!

  32. Having grown up in Las Cruces,N.M. and would visit Juarez and El Paso. El Paso Tocos are the best hands down. It’s amazing how Mexican food has different flavors from El Paso Southern New Mexico is one flavor, Ruidoso N.M.has Apache influences then N.E. N.M. has Navaho influences. I’d walk barefoot over crushed glass for a El Paso Taco. Your tacos take me home. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Almost the perfect taco me personally I got to have a little squeeze a lime on there and that just sends it over the top for me

  34. Fantastic cook bro them tacos look fantastic you get more people to cookin like that and people will eventually say what's taco Bell lol

  35. Hey brother those beef cheeks look great! I have a beef cheek tacos video to! Great video!

  36. Good stuff Joe, I am glad I am not the only one trying to push my Mexican food.

  37. Dang it Sandra, you took off the blindfold! Seriously though Joe, I love barbacoa and that looks outstanding! I might have to do that soon. Have a great week!

  38. Daaaaaaaaaamn Joe!!! That looks amazing I swear to god I can smell it lol

  39. I was looking forward to the blind cook lol

    Barbacoa sounds pretty damn good. I haven't had any, but one of my best friends swears is delicious. He enjoys a lot of the traditional Hispanic foods.

  40. I wish I could say barbocoa like you!!! White people problems lol

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