Smoked Beef Brisket: tender, flavorful, GOOD!!!

Nothing beats the flavor of aTender Brisket! Cliff Burg is my Smoker, Guru!!!! he has no recipe’s or set cook times, but what comes out of his smoker is absolutely to die for!!!! If you’re interested in the Seasoning he’s using, go to Be sure to like the…


  1. Texas style brisket is where it's at all you need is some salt and pepper and let the pit do the work

  2. 1:36 that’s it?? I put a lot more on a slice of

  3. I can't pay double because I am Just a poor ex oil field trash but I know I can do a brisket better after years of cooking briskets for rig hands and truckers all over Texas

  4. Now this guy knows how to season some food

  5. Man I have always loved a lil layer of good soy sauce on my brisket before applying spices. That cut y'all got right there looks like it's gonna be moist.

  6. I can cook a brisket me from Texas and Wyoming now.

  7. anytime…….I accept your challenge My smoker is towed behind my truck

  8. When can we have a brisket cook off

  9. Hey subscribe to my YouTube channel you guys please and thank you

  10. If someone don't like that type of life they are communists hahaha

  11. Need to pick up some of your everglades rub! Would you mind listing the variety of the rubs you used? Specially the 2nd one where you say "use plenty of it"… can't really tell what the canister says… looks like maybe montreal steak seasonings… but want to ask if you would list what you are putting on? Thanks, AH

  12. I'm drowning in my own saliva, here!!!  That looks so delicious.

  13. Challenged still accepted. Willing to beat him on the brisket cook off

  14. The most annoying video I've seen

  15. Aaron Franklin – hold my beer lol

  16. Just did this with a 7 pounder, came out perfect. 6 hours in the smoke. Then I had the oven @ 250 with the covered container with an inch of water and a few splashes of Apple cider vinegar already in there and hot. Pulled the meat out of the smoke and put it straight in the covered cooker and went for 4 hours(10 hours total). So tender and moist! Thanks for the recipe!

  17. well Robert he showed you how to cook it He should have shown you how to carve it or slice it properly. good luck my man

  18. I thought we were cookin a brisket? this is a roast. Now, Know this, I like roast. but if you wanna cook a brisket……… get yourself a case of your favorite brew, a hunk of meat with a nice fatcap, get the fire started and burn your favorite wood, put your rub on, drink a sixer, throw the meat on and get that guy up to around 250, check them baffles, then take a nap for 6 hrs. set an alarm or have your honey wake you up, take a leak, refire the smoker, pray to god, have a good time with the boys while drinkin another 6er, then go to sleep for another 4-6 hrs, pee, make sure that smoker is still doing its thing at 200-225, if not burn some coal and get her going, but wrap that meat in a tin with some apple cider, not water or vinegar, put a thermometer in it and when it gets to 180ish, pull it and let it rest. it will sit at 160 for a while, thats normal, just cooking fat. now read this run on sentence and know that god loves you.

  19. I’ll take that challenge. Get ready to take me on a gator hunt

  20. I change you to a cook off.

  21. Cant beat that Texas brisket

  22. I think the boys may have stayed out on the boat a little too long that day. By the sound of it the yeti must’ve been stocked quite well lol.

  23. Everglades if you ain't using it ….you ain't white

  24. Everglades! I put that sh*t on everything! – Betty White lol

  25. Who taught you how to cut a brisket? Amateur

  26. I have done a lot of BBQ but here in NY/NJ a piece of meat like that is simply non-existent. Even in contests.

  27. I really don't understand the vegan people enjoy life, but meat eating people always eat good! Cause we can flavor it anyway we want

  28. That was such an A hole thing to say at the end. It was crude, grotesque and against a lot of peoples beliefs…. I loved it.

  29. Does he own Everglades or something? That stuff is the best on wild hog smoked in a big green egg with mesquite wood chips man I’m telling you right now.

  30. I love when Rob gets a little tipsy in his videos! haha 🙂

  31. Now. I’m hoping this is not a cow ? If you can hunt so many different varieties of meat out there , if you have got so many other options of meat and fish , why would you want to kill a cow who is just like your own mother supplying you with some much of goodness of milk and milk products ?

  32. Daaaymmmmmmm u nevah let a day dooowwwwn

  33. THis is the first time I've seen the fat calf left on…

  34. Sorry. I know this is an older video. And I've probably seen it. But I can watch your videos. Over and over again. My question is. Did anyone meet the challenge. One thing Cliff was missing and I bet I could beat him with it. Add some garlic and honey. Not a lot. Just some.

  35. Keep eating them animals bro. That's why the Almighty created them.

  36. He boiled the thing. No smoke ring. The moment you put it in the oven, you’re smoking card was revoked!

  37. I see Montreal seasoning in there. I use it on everything. Never had your Everglades before. Where can I get it?

  38. That's not the way to cut a brisket

  39. I've thought about trying Everglades on my toothbrush. Lol

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