December 6


Smoked Chuck Roast on the Pit Barrel Cooker | Barlow BBQ #bbq #grilling

By Barlow BBQ

December 6, 2020

Pit Barrel Cooker

Smoked chuck roast on the Pit Barrel Cooker is an easy cook – provided you don’t dry it out (like we kinda did, whoops)! We hope you enjoy watching us give this one a try, and we’re sure you can do it better lol!

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  1. That was interesting! I’m going to smoke my first chuck roast on our brand new Weber kettle on the weekend, I think I will definitely wrap it once it hits 160F. That Scotch looks nice! Because I have a British background I generally prefer blended Scotch, we like Dewers White Label and The Famous Grouse. If you ever get invited to stay with the Queen you will get some Famous Grouse in your room, it’s Prince Phillip’s favourite scotch! Here in Canada my favourite whisky is Forty creek Barrel Select, so yummy 😋!

    Take care

  2. It looks real good. But maybe a bit dry, that’s why it didn’t pull too well, wrapping it or just drop it into a cast iron pot with lid to finish. (After all a Chuck is a type of pot roast. Either way you could retain more moisture. Hey but that wasn’t anything a little good sauce can’t fix.

  3. If I didn’t know better , I’d think this chuck roast was prepared by Matt Dillon and Miss Kitty ! Very nice smoke on Ole Chuck ! Have you ever tried butcher paper instead of foil ? Job well done Barlow’s !

  4. LOL – mesquite AND hickory @1:15 – mesquite AND pecan @6:22, wrapping would have helped with the tenderness and gotten the center two parts up to temp as well, regardless looked Great to me, just really really confused what types of woods you used, will share this video to my therapists, then see and talk with them at their next opening this week and send you guys'es the bill – thanks

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