Smoked Pork Belly Recipe – How To Smoke Pork Belly Bacon Uncured How to smoke pork belly bacon on the smoker. This is the best method for an uncured pork belly recipe slow smoked. Malcom Reed from Killer Hogs and gives you his recipe for slow smoked pork belly — just like a whole hog bacon without smoking the…


  1. Think its a diet you need fatty ????

  2. @10:00 is NOT!!! what i want it looked delicious untill all that fat nah..ill pass but will take( meat no fat) burnt ends part of it and you keep the FAT.

  3. Did you initially put in the pit with fat side down?

  4. How bout a new pork belly video Malcom?!

  5. RESPECT +
    For pulling it apart for us. Thank you!

  6. Can I come to your house next time you have a BBQ party? Omg you know how to cook some pork!

  7. Is that a kitty begging in the background? Must know whats up!

  8. It was beautiful n looked delish but the skin? The crispy skin! No crispy skin on your pork belly? Your missing out

  9. All of your videos are pure gold. I literally now cook all my barbecues mirroring yours. Thank you.

  10. Wow. What a beautiful video. Made me tear up. Thank you for this one. This is a recipe I have to try for the family.

  11. Hey brother what’s the best way to make that braise for the pork belly

  12. Let's get to cookin' oh wait never mind need to fast forward a few years.

  13. My mouth was watering so much right now I just choked on my saliva

  14. Can ya just pop it in the oven once you wrap ? I have a offset stick ,and it saves me having to babysit a fire and from using up wood.

  15. Dude you rock…I use your methods all the time…tomorrow is a small pork belly on the smoker. Thx…

  16. Looks soooooooooooooooooooo GOOD!!!!

  17. Was it all done with skin down?

  18. I made this for a friend who is basically a living and talking Pork belly, specifically on how to make a Pork belly. This was one of the best belly's he's eaten. And that is a great compliment!

  19. Always thought you cooked it fat side up. But still looks great

  20. I love how southern folks in the USA pronounce foil and oil as foal and oal lol.

    Man that looks tasty, some good eats right there.

  21. Totally agree, the finest pork you can eat. I am amazed that here in England it’s not more popular, still that means there’s plenty for me!!

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