April 22


Smoked Ribs: Wrapped vs Unwrapped – Pit Barrel Cooker

By CampCook

April 22, 2021

Pit Barrel Cooker

I’ve been wanting to do this test for a while now. Ribs wrapped vs Unwrapped on the Pit barrel cooker. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the methods to be completely honest with you. If you like this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and share it with your friends. Check out more recipes with printable versions at

Pit Barrel Cooker

Rib Candy

My favorite kitchens Knives (expensive but awesome)
little boy
Big boy

Link to other gadgets I use

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  1. Dang I was trying to see how you laid them on the barrel after wrapping. Did you just lay them on the half grate? I’ve been curious if when I do several racks and I foil them how they will fit on the grates..

  2. Hey folks, today I did 3 steaks. The 1st and 2nd I effectively pulled from the fire early before I killed them by wrapping them, the 3rd I destroyed by going too long exposed to the convective heat. Oh well…

  3. Great video but I think you went off course by opening the lid way too often. You just gotta leave them alone for almost three hours then baste them and rehang or put on the rack for the last little bit. I think that's why you got charred, the PBC got too hot from the lid being off for spritzing. Just an opinion they looked great.

  4. You know I love the Pit Barrel Cooker Jaxx!! I haven't done the comparison test but I have cooked ribs wrapped and naked. I prefer the naked….a slight char just tastes better to me. Great vid bud!

  5. Oh lordHaveMercy
    Be still my watering tastebuds!
    Ya got me!! Hook line and SLAB!
    Cranberry Habanero & HONEY!
    Sweet, heat and nice n sloppy wet!

    Yes sir, wrapped or not…cant beat JAXXALICIOUS ST LOUIS RIBS

    #3 is almost well enough for my pops!! Lol
    I've never wrapped my ribs…
    Gotta try that, yes Sir!

  6. Man you covered everything taste test and different style of wraps and all. I really liked this. Very pro!
    I personally thought that them paper wrapped ribs would be much less fatty or greasy. Thanks great job bro.

  7. Those looks so good. From watching you bite into them, I would go with 3 myself. It looked like it was a bit more tender. Plus I like the char on the outside haha. Of course, I can't taste them so I am judging from the pull test.

  8. Hello. Yes yes I have been wanting to try the butcher paper method one day. We have made the foil wrapped & naked ones and they all good. I used to use the I can't believe is not butter on the sandwiches but one day I tasted it strait up in my mouth all by itself and it was so absolutely disgusting tasting product that I stopped using it immediately ! I didn't even finished the container and it's 100% banned ever entering to this house again…That BAD !! That rib candy sauce was tasty no doubt. The best thing for making this test is that you get to eat all the goodness afterward Yummy 💗 Thanks the drools Jaxx 👌👌😋

  9. They are look great bro. I'm really partial to keeping them unwrapped on the PBC. Of course I learned the hard way and had some fall into the coals. I double hook them now and haven't had anymore issues.

  10. Man what mighty fine lookin' ribs there!!! I loved the 2 different opions TFS!!! You are making me want to break my smoker out & make myself some ribs to eat up & see which way I would prefer my ribs.. XOXO Happy cooking but better yet happy eatings

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