Smoked Steak on the Masterbuilt ThermoTemp Smoker


  1. I'm curious how to tweak the time using the Masterbuilt electric smoker?

  2. I just followed this recipe exactly as shown and cooked the best steaks I have ever cooked!

  3. John, I didn't see any wood chips, are you not suppose to use would chips for steaks?

  4. Thanks, John. Will be trying this one with some family, soon

  5. for better results .. I personally only add smoke for 20 minutes as it can become too strong, but that is preference. use a probe and only cook the steaks in the smoker until 115. at that point transfer the steaks to your preheated grill on high. depending on the thickness of the steak you cook each side 2 min (1 inch) to 4 minutes (2 inch) (medium rare). you will get the perfect cook inside as in the video along with a great crust.

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