Smoking a Beef Brisket using the PK Grill

The briskets were wrapped in foil and I used a coffee & apple cider vinegear mix to keep them moist. The pairing was awesome. I decided to avoid using mustard as part of the rub since I know my kids don’t like the taste. It took me several minutes to figure out the heat deflector was not…


  1. Used it mercilessly and loved it every time I used it.>>> Gave it to kids several years ago and missed it a lot. When I realized they were making them again I bought a new one. Same old stuff, greatest grill I ever used. My only negative comment is that the cooking grill is a little flimsy and replacement is pretty expensive. Still, five stars, period!

  2. I have been struggling to make a moist brisket on the PK, and no luck. I'm getting the flavor, but the texture is off. Anyway, thanks for posting!

  3. That looks pretty dry. Maybe my looks could be deceiving but that doesn’t look good at all. But I am from south Texas and we got pretty high standards on these parts!!! Keep trying man you’ll get it!!

  4. i've had my pk grill 30+ years. bought it used. now i need a replacement grill rack. but it still works great !!!! thanks for the video !

  5. I really like your Pk grill videos. Did the heat deflector idea not work out.? I didn't see it being used though out the cook. I've been wanting to buy a Pk grill and a love cooking brisket but have been worried about the amount of space the grill has do you always half the briskets.?

  6. Looking forward to owning one of these grills soon. Way too many rubs in my opinion but whatever works for you!

  7. Wow that's one good tasty looking brisket.

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