Smoking BEEF JERKY – Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite Electric Smoker

Making beef jerky with my new Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite electric smoker. I have never done this before, but we are cooking in the shop!



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  1. Love this thing for jerky! When doing jerky at temps of 140, the coil didnt get hot enough to burn the wood chips.
    So for more smoke flavor I would open the door every hour, for the first few hours and remove the wood chip tray. I would then use my torch to light the wood chips on fire then blow them out and re install chip tray. Just to fill the chamber with smoke! Worked awesome.

  2. This video just made me hungry lol. Great video love the ford square bodies

  3. What CB radio do you have in your ‘94 f150?

  4. I kind of figured Jon's next video would be him recovering in a hospital room from blood loss after he opened that bowl of jerky in the same area as all the cats hang out.

  5. Well Jon, I know who to call if I need help with assembling one.

  6. We have a pro smoker my dad bought at a auction from a meat shop that went out of business I'm really wanting to get it started and smoke some deer and see bout smoking a ham and make bacon and smoke it and try some Turkey

  7. Keep Kitty's away don't want any smoked kitty

  8. Cheating!!!! Electric, come on man lol. Jk that's why I'm me and your you.

  9. I make a lot of jerky . I use hickory wood pellets , no soaking in water . Looks good , now you can experiment with your brines.

  10. Ive had one of those for a few years.  I like using it when I get a chance and have time to wait. Ive learned to only smoke things for an hour or two and let it go the rest of the time without any more wood or else it gets too much smokey flavor. Ive found some decent recipes on here for everything from chicken, brisket, deer, to smoking cheese and everything in between. I like making chicken quarters in it and then a pan of mac & cheese and homemade baked beans for a full meal in it. Using beer or apple cider instead of water in the water pan adds some flavor too. Takes a little practice but it cooks up some great stuff!

  11. Where are the bronco videos I miss them

  12. Been thinking about getting one too. I been wanting to dabble in some jerky. Might after Christmas! Great video, keep up the great work!

  13. That appears to be a pretty simple smoker. I actually would prefer that style just because of how busy I am. Good video.

  14. Once you get the hang of it you will really enjoy it I make smoked meatloaf that's really good. Keep up the great videos

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