Smoking Meat – Wild Alaskan King Salmon

My method for smoking Salmon.. Not the sort of Salmon you’d have for a meal, just snacking stuff. A very tasty treat and super easy to do.


  1. I've used this recipe 3 times now. My guests rave about it and now request it. Thank you for this!

  2. You have talen i you know that.
    Thank you for sharing

  3. Great video love smoked salmon need to try this

  4. @garygardens I dunno, but I'll sure be watching!

  5. Great video! I love smoked salmon. For some reason, I'm suddenly hungry! LOL

  6. @garygardens I won't eat the farmed stuff and there isn't a wild Atlantic fishery anymore so all I eat is the wild pacific salmon too. Unfortunately all I can get is frozen but it is very good.

  7. Now your talking I love salmon, that looks so good.

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