– MH JAB Alder Smoked Beef Bottom Round Roast – Beef Bottom Round roasts rubbed down with Mad Hunky Meats Just Add Beef rub and Alder Smoked low and slow. Tender juicy roasts with amazing flavor.


  1. 5 pounder at 200 degrees just shy of 3hrs smoke time pulled it off at 135 degrees internal temp ,and it is now resting. Used Big Dicks dry rub a friend sent me from California I'm excited to see if it turns out as Purdy as yours thanks for the video.

  2. I had 5-6 lbs cooking at 250 for about 90 minutes and at 140 already. How did yours cook so slow? I am using a ceramic grill

  3. This is the best bottom round video I've seen on youtube

  4. Does this meat turn out tender? It looks great …

  5. taste it! need to know… :(. Great vid 🙂

  6. are these the same as of eye of round roasts?

  7. looks very delicious,great piece of meat

  8. good video Rob, any new takes on fish?

  9. Another great video Rob we are still making your evil eggs

  10. My tounge is on the floor, not much beats a smoked juicy bottom round in my opinion, I'd take it over overrated brisket anyday, nice Rob

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