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SpitJack Smoked Turkey Rub is a new way to get an extra dimension of flavor into your Thanksgiving turkey. Using a range of smoked ingredients, we were able to formulate a simple rub mixture that give your food a wood-smoked flavor. It’s not the same as if you used real wood and a real smoker, but for those of you who simply can’t (apartment dwellers) or would rather not (cold climate dwellers), it gives you an attractive option. Besides the smoke, this rub has high quality ingredients and is formulated to the gram for maximum but balanced flavor. Good on all poultry.SMOKED FLAVOR WITHOUT THE SMOKE: Using our specially formulated rub, you can now get smoked flavor in you food by using only your kitchen oven.
EASY TO USE: Just shake it on, let it cure a while and then roast it like you would any turkey. Applicator included – the lid of the jar has two settings for either pouring or shaking.
NOT THE SAME OLD, SAME OLD: Tired of the same roast turkey every year? Change it up this time by just changing the seasoning. The smoked spices add a new flavor profile that will keep your guests pleasantly surprised.
REFILLABLE: Order more to save in bulk and refill the jar when needed.
GIVES GREAT COLOR: The combination of our spices and a little sugar make a beautiful golden brown turkey every time.

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