Spring Camping & Campfire Cooking Under Stars

I have a grand overnight camping in the Spring woods of Newfoundland, Canada with my two dogs. I sleep with no shelter under the stars and cook a fine feed on the roaring campfire. It’s amazing how good it feels to take a break from the routine and enjoy the peace, quiet and simplicity of…


  1. Hey guys, thanks for watching. There will be another video on the menu for this upcoming Sunday of last weeks 7 day adventure with the dogs. Hope you can tune into that one as well.
    And if you missed my recent 68 day Expedition 10 part series you can check it out below:

  2. Justin, how did you lose the chiclets (teeth). I'm gonna bet a sherwood to the mouth when younger.

  3. indeed Very Real Out There 🙂 Good Fun & Good Food . In The Out Doors Can Beat That My Son . Thank You Justin !

  4. Très apaisante, cette vidéo où il ne se passe presque rien. Le camping contemplatif comme on aime!

  5. Bear and Saku are soooooo adorable???

  6. "it's more real out here" . Yeah , you know it , buddy : ) Lovin ' this vid series , man . Real woods relaxing at it's finest . Thanks for taking us along , Justin ; almost feels like we are right there hanging out with you and the pups ! Great fireside chat , and the "artistic" low-light footage of you by the fire at night . Beautiful pre-dawn footage by the lake as well . All the best to ya .

  7. Great camp. Felt like i was there with you and the pups. I could almost Taste those taters and sausages.???

  8. Got so into this one that the wife had to come in and make a roar at me as I was about to set fire to the coffee table……..Dam you Justin……well off to the Costco for a new coffee table.

  9. im new but seen a vid of yours last year i thought i had sub" but i found this and noticed i hadnt subbed but anyways enjoying it alot keeping it real and it is like hanging out with ya love that you care for yer dogs good ya need 2 bowls lol get bear a diff color one lol … that trout flask is so cool ill be looking for more of your vids !!!

  10. Awesome gift you got there from Wallace and Vivian. I follow them as well. Great video as always ?

  11. Got to love a mom that gives you a flask as a gift!?

  12. Great video Justin. I love sleeping in the cold…brisk and sleep so much better than in the summer. Too hot in Texas. ??
    Thanks for taking us along. ?

  13. Great vid J. B. …TFS!

  14. Fantastic weather, a mix of warms and colds.

  15. Looks like you and the dogs had a great time! I'll have to try some of that Chaga rum sometime when I'm up your way, it sounds interesting.

  16. A most perfect representation of true camping. Bacon cooking over a fire, with Saku's silhouette in the background! Once again, you've taken us on a pleasant outing. Your detail description of your environment helps us share your experience and wish we were with you and your "puppers". Thank you for sharing and Look forward to more trips with you and your buddies! Take care my friend.

  17. Dandy video, well done, really enjoyed watching.

  18. i think this is fact just trying to be mean to light hearted sprits because if shes your first shes not doing what u say shes doing your point?

  19. Justin what shot gun you have there now

  20. I always thought a couple big black cats in the woods would rock, but they opened the zipper on my backpack before I could close the gate. Terribly crafty. They loved the motorcycle, but did not wish for a ride.

  21. Just wanted to say ty for the advice. Was going to reply to your comment but for some reason youtube took your reply away. Now it is buried so i will just leave my thanks here.

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