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SUNAVO’s bluetooth meat thermometer can monitor your meat and oven temperature via connecting with your smartphone with bluetooth.
Donwload the app ‘EasyBBQ’ from the Google Playstore or Appstore to set up.
The app provides comprehensive control over your cooking.
6 probes can be connected to the thermometer allowing your to cook and monitor 6 dishes simultaneously.
(The pack comes with 2 probes. You can buy additional probes from our Amazon store) An included stand allos you to hold the thermometer onto your grill equipment for convenience.
Once connected, the app on your phone will prompt you when the food has reached its set temperature and the device will alarm and flash.
This meat thermometer from SUNAVO is perfect for cooking, grilling, BBQ with friends and family, oven, boiling and much more.

UPGRADED STAINLESS STEEL PROBES – Unlike ordinary silicone probes that melt at high temperatures, these probes are fully stainless steel and can withstand temperatures up to 380 C. The thermometer supports up to 6 probes at a time, allowing you to monitor 6 different foods simultaneously. Comes with an ABS Wrap that enables you to store the wire and probe neatly. (The pack comes with 2 probes. You can buy additional probes from our Amazon store)
BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY – The thermometer can be connected to your smartphone via bluetooth with a range of up to 196ft (without obstacles and electromagnetic interference). You have to download the app ‘EasyBBQ’ from Google Play Store or your App Store, and you can control the thermometer via the app. The phone will prompt you when the set temperature has been achieved and the thermometer will beep and flash.
LARGE DISPLAY, EASY-TO-USE APP – SUNAVO’s meat thermometer has an oversized backlit display with clear readings. With its user-friendly app, the operation is very simple and convenient. You can select 11 preset meat temperatures in the app. Along with this, you can set custom temperature and also a countdown timer.
MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS – Peak, Range, Temperature Graph Peak – alarm after reaching a certain temperature Range – alarm when the food temperature is above/below the range you set Temperature Graph – displays the temperature change curve

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