1. Heads up! You should put some links in the description for more information or to purchase.

  2. Is this company still around? couldnt find it on their own website lol.

  3. Soon enough the Chinese will copy the grill and fload the US market.

  4. Looks great, do you have a new web site?

  5. Go to Washington DC feed the protesters.

  6. looks like im a little behind time. i saw this vid a couple mths ago and finally got the chance to get by your address to take a look at the super cooker it seems that you guys have moved or going out of business. i would like to purchase a couple of the super cookers. if im wrong in any way, please let me kno how to contact you.

  7. well ,that goes only for hookers .

  8. when you gotta ask"how much" you cannot afford one.

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