The Art of Grilling: How to Grill Flank Steak

Karl Engel, head chef of award winning BBQ team Pigcasso ( shows shows us how to grill flank steak the perfect fajita.

Music: “Whiskey on the Mississippi” by Kevin MacLeod


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA he thinks that steak is medium to medium rare!!!!! X'D AND he closed the lid on a thin steak HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. Like chewin on tree leather.🤣

  3. This guy gave me Tourette's. Now I can't stop saying again. Again

  4. 0:48 that's what she said
    0:58 that's what she said
    1:53 that's what she said

  5. Did he say again and again over and over again ………………stop saying again …….

  6. He says "and again" before telling us something for the first time

  7. 2:44 that looks like well done to medium lmao what are you talkng about, plus just cut it straight down, instead of trying to get an angle with your cut, that just makes it worse!

  8. You lost me at gas grill

  9. The reason for all the “agains” is because he recorded more than one video back to back. He’s saying a lot of the same stuff.

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  12. how to make an healthy steak into an unhealthy steak, Pour toxic olive oil over it…
    are you fucking retarded? and also if u want a rare piece of meat, its 30 seconds per side. and
    you keep flippin it til u reached ur fav charedness….
    And btw Raw olives are toxic AS fuck…
    Id rather use Clarified butter preheated to "40"degrese celcius to turn it into liquid oil….
    what an amature….

  13. had to double watch to make sure the plate changed

  14. try marinating them in fresh squeezed bitter orange juice then seasoning them with orange pepper, a little lemon pepper and lime juice or season all, lime juice and some orange pepper so you can see how we mexicans throw down

  15. Again.. that's medium well unfortunately

  16. Again, cut on the grain if you want to eat tree leather.

  17. I only eat one side of my meat. I save the other side for later. 🤔

  18. If he says “again” again one more time…

  19. Want it raw? Keep cuttin' again & again

  20. This dude is fkn with us with the "again"

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