The Difference Between BBQ And Grilling

Trace recently attended the 2nd Annual Kingsford Invitational in New York City. There, he got the chance to learn about the differences between BBQ and grilling. He also learned the secret to making the perfect BBQ!

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  1. Now y'all know different between BBQ and Grills. Especially those Asian people.

  2. Haha cant smoke a burger? Typical woman never knows what shes talking about when it comes to man things

  3. The moment she said charcoal I didn’t trust her.

  4. I'm 178 cm tall. This looks delicious.

  5. I am sorry and I love Seeker……However, you do not go to New York City for a BBQ cook off……Maybe New York for a pizza cook off…… That is it. You want damn BBQ science……..Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kansas City…….These are the places that will make you slap your momma because the BBQ is so damn good.

  6. so what is difference between BBQ and grill ?

  7. Barbecue = is it done yet? The kids and guests are hungry! You are baking meat.
    Grilling = we'll be eating in about an hour. Hot dogs and burgers first. Ribs, yardbird, and steaks will follow.

  8. This made me much hungrier than I anticipated. 

  9. Now I know if I want to grill I'll use charcoal!!!!

  10. I switched to a propane grill but I sure miss my bbq smoker. I need to go back and master that craft..

  11. why cant americans say the word herb right? lol 

  12. why are you all wearing jackets? This video was in june?

  13. I'm a Texan and I approve this video.


  15. hank hill would disagree with her haha

  16. F U Trace you're making me HUNGRY and my mouth water. Also where's Anthony? He should be doing this one. 😉

  17. delicious charcoal!!????rofl

  18. I prefer cruelty-free meal butthurt meat-eaters' comments coming

  19. The difference between barbecue and grilling is nothing.  Barbecue started in the Caribbean, roasting over an open flame with a grill made of wood.  

  20. i'm hungry….but literally nothing in my fridge 🙁

  21. Real BBQ is smoked in a smoker or pit, grilled food is simply just that….

  22. TRACE:Excellent reporting man!

  23. Texas has the best BBQ period.

  24. As long as my beef doesn't get corrupted by the disgusting pork that they usually grill and BBQ I would be fine…but they normally do not cook chicken or beef separately from pork….and that's why I never eat BBQ.

  25. i dont give a fuck as long as it gucci im ok with it

  26. Did I miss the science part?

  27. Smoked food tastes like shit!

  28. Who would have thought that corporate sponsorship could have actually made this channel worth watching

  29. Burgers and brats everyday. 

  30. Don't grill over the fire lol. 

  31. Some of the comments here are really dumb.

  32. Actually a smoked burger is pretty damned good

  33. I actually got some really good cooking tips from this video.
    It's like a 2-for-1 video! 😀

  34. Looked racist? That is one of the dumbest things I have read! If you could tell what a
    Person is by looking at them we could find murders, rapist, child molesters very simply. All we need to do is just look at them, like if I could look at you I would know you were just stupid.

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