December 6


The Pit Barrel Cooker Really Is A "Set It & Forget It" Smoker | Pit Barrel Cooker Review #bbq #grilling

By The Barbecue Lab

December 6, 2020

Pit Barrel Cooker

We walk you through the Pit Barrel Cooker top to bottom and side to side.

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📒Video Notes and Resources 📒

1️⃣ Pit Barrel Cooker:

2️⃣ Ash Pan (for easy ash cleanup):

3️⃣ PBC Cover:

4️⃣ Hinged Grate:

4️⃣ Turkey Hanger:

David’s Glove Setup:
Cut resistant gloves:
Nitrile gloves:

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In this video, David Gafford from The Barbecue Lab gets hands on with the Pit Barrel Cooker vertical smoker. If you are looking for the best grilling tools and accessories, check out our gear buying guide.

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  1. I've smoked turkeys for TG every year for the past 5 years. Because we have a big family, I've had to get 20+lbs birds, and got the hanger for it. I cannot say enough times how incredible they have come out…every time. It's a DEFINITE must for whole chickens and turkey.

  2. Great review you did. I have a pbc and love it. is the brisket as good on the grate vs hanging it?. Hung my first one with 3 hooks. Would like to try on grate. What is your opinion??. Keep up the good work.

  3. I have a question, I'm relatively new to the smoking game and I'm looking to upgrade out of my standard weber kettle that I've been learning on. I plan on getting both but about a year apart from one another but I'm trying to decide between a Weber smokey mountain and the PBC I want something that I can fire up for the first time and give me good meat but also something that I can continue to learn with and get better working with. What does the bbq lab recommend

  4. hello, please can you provide me, without haste, this pit barrel measures:
    – diameter of:
      all holes (inlet and 4 outlet ventilation)
    and bars
    – distance between basket and grid and between grid and bars
    – depth of the basket without calculating the handle

    Thank you so much

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