The Weber Summit Charcoal Grill (Grilling Center) is a Kamado!

The Weber Summit Charcoal Grill (also known as the Weber Summit Charcoal Grilling Station) is finally on the market after months of waiting. Weber says it’s a combination of the Weber Kettle, the Weber Performer, and the Weber Smokey Mountain (or “WSM” as it is commonly called) all in one. I…


  1. Do the Weber 22.5 cooking grates fit in this

  2. I see you have lost interest in your summit! Maybe too many grills! Lol I've had mine for a year and have been getting that smoke at the lid seal. I'm getting a temp spike 20 to 30 degree after installing bbq guru. I found the onetouch cleaner is not flush with grill and not closing completely on one blade unless I lift up on it. I think that's my problem! Have you seen any similar issues on yours? Weber is sending me a new gasket and onetouch .

  3. This video was a total home run! To borrow a word from one of my other YouTube favorites, AvE, you cut through the marketingwank with the sharpest sword of all. The truth. Thank you again!

  4. The REAL question is will the Big Joe Kamado firebox "petals" fit inside this Webber. ?
    THEN you can call it a Webber Kamado.

  5. HAHAHA. I got a vision kamado for $250 on clearance. Go to sams club every week starting at halloween. They mark down their prices on mondays. So go monday evenings.

  6. I thought the grill was $1500 ,but I see it online for $2229. Where can I find the grill for decent price? 2K IS super expensive especially with the possible leaking problem you experienced. I can't wrap my headed around spending 2K on an outdoor grill.

  7. Do you think the slow n sear is worth it with this setup?

  8. hahaha not sure how while i was binge watching all your videos i seemed to of missed a couple.. im fixing that today ha

  9. Haha funny! Well thought-out video.

  10. So helpful, and informative. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

  11. Dude you lost me, changed channel!

  12. Hi Justin, I was curious as to whether the Slow-N-Sear would fit in the Summit, found a video from Adrenaline (no humor, what a drag) where he's using the Slow-N-Sear and the Drip-n-griddle, and I have a couple of questions if you care to comment. He doesn't use the deflector, says it's a "bad design", and puts the water in the drip-n-griddle instead of the reservoir. So my question is, what's the point? If you're gunna use both Adrenaline products, why not just use a kettle and save yourself 1900 bucks. And why not put the water in the reservoir that was designed for that?

  13. I've watched this video 4 times now, start to finish. I like it. Plus, I'm thinking that maybe if I watch it enough times I'll be convinced that it's worth it. Not yet. GREAT supporting role by your son.

  14. I enjoyed watching this, and I think your humor is just the right touch.

  15. That was funny. Yes it is expensive, wife says NO!!!! now I'm sad and mad.

  16. Justin,
    I could not tell from the vid but how many stitches did you get from your assembly injury?

  17. Brilliantly put. I will now look for a Komado to go along with my Masterbuilt Electric Smoker.

  18. Even if it was $1000, I would be thinking long and hard about buying one. $2000 is asinine.

  19. Funny and great, but only point the video made was the price. Summit has qualitys of kettle, performer and SMC + even kamado combined. Kamado holds longer heat, but it cannot be "un-heated" as quickly as Summit(not that u asked).

  20. Just subcribed to your channel. Very funny and creative but need more videos!! =)

  21. I like watching your videos a lot. You tested the new chargrill kamando yet

  22. Just found your channel through T-Roys… Very well executed videos… Nice job! keep them coming!

  23. Very funny !! I like the Video so much. Greetings from Germany ?

  24. Great info on the Summit. Subscribed.

  25. What's with all the dislikes? This was great!

  26. I kind of wanted to poo poo this video but fuck no mate. The meat of this review is really useful and interesting.

    Oh and you're not Weberfied, I take that back………..

    Stop trying to be Casey Neistat tho, u dont need it fella. Stick to the honesty. It's the best policy……

  27. Weber has always overpriced their grills …and I happily buy them

  28. One of the best directed channels on YouTube. Dude you rock, keep BBQing and we'll follow. P.S. ITS A KAMADO!

  29. Hi, can you get me a tip? I'm using a Weber WSM Smoker a Weber 57cm Kettle and an Weber Genesis Gas Grill and now I'm looking for an Kamado. What do you think is the best option a Weber summit Charcoal or an Big Green Egg? Thank you for your answer and best greetings from Switzerland Mark

  30. So is it a kamettle? Kettlelado? – Can't take credit, taken from when looking at the review hehe.

  31. Great vid, very amusing (and informative!)

  32. Awesome Review! Very entertaining yet informative. Suscribed ?

  33. This guy tries way too hard to be funny, I lost too many brain cells I had to stop watching by the 2 minute mark.

  34. Good review, hopefully companies respond to this type of constructive criticism and start calling their products just what they are. Thanks for sharing!

  35. Your videos are very informative and fun to watch. Looks like your whole family is involved too! Do you think a Weber 26 inch kettle (with some accessories) could compare to this beast for most smokes? For as impressive as it looks and performs in your videos, I can't justify paying that price.

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