Top 10 Charcoal Grilling Tips for Beginners

I want to apologize in advance about the audio, my neighbor has a rusty whirly bird attic fan that you can hear whistling in the background.

I have been grilling using a charcoal weber grill for about four years now and in this video I share with you my top 10 Charcoal Grilling tips. I made…


  1. I got a chargriller pro for half price at lows cuz it was missing some blots. Loaded it up and turned around and got the hardware for like 4 dollars and put it together. Got a $170 worth of grill for 75 bucks.

  2. Can't wait to try this out this weekend. Best Charcoal Grilling video I've seen. THANKS!

  3. Once I seen your bbq pot boys shirt I knew to take you serious lol. We eaten good tonight Martha 😂

  4. 👍Tip #3 I’m with you know 100% and I don’t know anything about grilling. 💝

  5. 🙏THANK YOU Sir!! Young people today are lost without people like you to help us. My daddy died and he didn’t get a chance to show me how to do this before he passed away. At least now I won’t blow myself up. Daddy always had the answers to my questions and I could always count on him. RIP Daddy.🙏😭😢 Thank you for helping us daddy less girls out here!! 🤗💞🤗

  6. Miguel……..fix that grass in ur yard fool….

  7. Chale…I've been doing it all wrong. Thanks for the tips!

  8. dude is a straight up cholo!

  9. Bro, i ran i to your video learning to smoke. All im saying is those dc's are sweet haha. Good video man. Good tips for people no doubt

  10. Good video, but just put the tongs nesr the coal for 15 seconds, BINGO sanitized.

  11. Nice video Miguel, saludos de México City

  12. I need some help. So, I use a chimney starter to start up my charcoal. After 15 minutes, I wait until the charcoals are white, I begin to pour the charcoals into the grill. Then I begin the placing my chicken on the grill. I close the lid, but after 5 to 10 minutes, the charcoals go out. How come? I don’t know if it’s the juices from the chicken that turn the charcoals off or what.

  13. Man, it feels good to see a vid that is chill, straight to the point and easy to follow! Thanks for the vid!!!

  14. You da man bro cheers 🍻

  15. Thanks for the tips! Just ordered my first Weber grill and looking forward to some grilling as the weather warms.

  16. So gladI found your channel ! I’m about to be a bad ass bbq mama lol ! Great tips

  17. Thank you this helps me out alot

  18. You do Martial arts or boxing bro? I noticed those calluses on your knuckles.

  19. This is awesome thanks for the tips they definitely helped me see a different perspective I’ll try these this weekend!

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