April 17


Turkey on the Pit Barrel Cooker

By SmokeyGoodness

April 17, 2021

Pit Barrel Cooker

It’s Thanksgiving-in-May (or late April). A turkey, injected with Fire Cider, on the Pit Barrel Cooker. The Fire Cider adds a bit of heat, and the PBC cooks the bird to perfection despite challenging weather conditions. Doesn’t have to be November to smoke up some good Turkey!
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  1. I wanted to cook a turkey in my pbc last week but no stores were selling them. Guess I'll have to order ahead!
    Seemed like you made a point to position the turkey close to the side of the pit barrel. Does that make a difference?

  2. Dan, that was a good video in spite of the weather. The bird turned out great looking. Loved the music especially that first one. Cool laid back kind of stuff. I have plenty of vids to catch up on. I'll be copying some of your moves. lol

  3. Looks good! I am going to do one this weekend. I was wondering about prob placement. Do you put it in the middle of the thick part of the breast or deep down just a little away from the bone?

  4. An April turkey, eh?…Well as we Scarecrows say, "You are what you eat, and it takes one to know one!" 😉
    But anytime is turkey time, makes a fine Sunday meal any time of year, and yours looks really good!

    I must ask (not yet being a PBC owner) why did you park the bird way off center of the cooker?
    And what deck protector do you have down…I kinda worry about wood decks and the PBC's firebox being so close to a potentially combustible surface…

  5. Now that looks like just the right sized turkey, S.G., not some overblown monster. And it came out perfectly…yum! (did I see a cloud of condensation coming from your breath? did you say snow? where do you live, my friend??) Thanks for a tasty vid! (:

  6. Dan, we're getting the rain here in Ohio too! It must be spring, huh? You seasoned and smoked that bird to perfection! It looks moist! I never saw a turkey look that moist before this! I took a screen shot and saved it! Great show my friend!

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