Weber bbq grilling, Smokey Joe cooked up a mess of chicken thighs and a steak on my smokey joe. Really impressed great results from a small grill


  1. The Smokey Joe videos are the best, could you go over how much charcoal you use how you keep the temperature controlled ?

  2. Nice. Sometimes fun to just use different grills. Lil Weber’s work great for sure.

  3. What did you squeeze on the chicken, old eyes could not tell. Nice hunk of steak

  4. Nice I live in Texas too.I was wacthing Chinese scam online order and I searched up Chinese crap and I saw your video.It was funny.

  5. deepfriedking you are deliciously mad, lolooo. Nice to see your doing well. God Bless, brother

  6. Thinking of food and couldn't sleep lol, watching this at 11 pm pacific standard time makes me damn hungry

  7. Nice!! Thighs are the best part of the chicken! (Wings and drums are great too)

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