Weber Grills -Rotisserie Grilling on Gas

| Does rotisserie cooking look intimidating? We’ve taken the mystique out of rotisserie grilling for charcoal and gas enthusiasts alike.

When using a rotisserie always remember these guidelines below:

1. First and foremost, all Weber rotisseries (gas or charcoal) have…


  1. Doing this right now! I only have 30 minutes left so far it is coming out perfectly and smells unfreakin believable! Always wondered how much to use the infrared in the back thank you!

  2. Cool video. Check it is also a cool Weber video for showing the Genesis II e410 assembly.

  3. Really considering buying a Summit so I'm watching all the review videos I can find…can't believe this guy raided his wife's closet and is actually wearing uggs and true religion-esque jeans in an official Weber video!

  4. I fundamentally disagree with the comment that it takes the same amount of time to cook on a rotisserie as off. In my experience the rotisserie skewer conducts heat to the centre of the meat considerably reducing cooking time. That's why I own a thermometer.

  5. Anyone can buy a Weber if they want to pay double or triple the price. Learn how to tie a bird properly, that was so loose.

  6. Start the infrared burner, I dare you, start it. Get this: you have to turn the infrared knob and HOLD IT FOR 2 MINUTES praying that it will light. What a piece of crap.

  7. I have a Weber Spirit with 3 burners. The drilled hole mounts are way too low for rotisserie cooking anything bigger than like a 5 lb chicken even with the grates off. That isn't worth the effort or expense of purchasing the extra Weber rotisserie hardware. Even with no veggies in the bottom of the drip pan, unless you are grilling a single small chicken, the chicken can hit the bottom of the drip pan and risks moving it and spilling the drippings during the cooking.

  8. his is my second Weber Kettle 22.5.>>>  I owned my first Kettle for over 10 years before giving it to a friend in need. It was still in great shape even after 10 years of heavy use

  9. I guess this idiot needs to learn how to trust a Chicken. this was a horrible video, Shame on you webber for allowing this idiot to represent your products.

  10. my Weber is 25 years old, parts are still in good shape.

  11. @ 1:05 holy crap how many grills does this guy have?! cough bad editing.. cough

  12. Hey Kevin, another great video, thank you. I purchased a Weber S-670 like the one your using, and before I try the rotisserie, few questions: Do I keep the infrared on HIGH or reduce the flame after starting? Also for the indirect cooking, do I just use the TWO outside burners, or the FOUR outside burners?

  13. Before I go paying 1,800.00 for a Over Priced Weber Grill, I go to BJ's , Costco, or Sam's Club and buy a Rotisserie Chicken for $5.00 Each, Cooked, Seasoned well and meat falling of Bones. I Don't have to Buy Chicken, Prep Chicken, Get hands all dirty, Tie up the chicken, Waste Propane or Gas, Then Clean Grill and Utensils afterwards, Just $5.00 a Chicken and I am done, Maybe if these grills weren't so over priced I would consider grilling my own food. I guess for Large Constant Parties this grill works great. NOT FOR NO FREAKEN CHICKEN…..

  14. who taught you how to truss a bird? that was so loosely tied it served no purpose what so ever.

  15. This is why I live in sunny So Cal.

  16. what a crappy day to grill.

  17. Wow. You have no idea how to truss a chicken. Weber hired you to make this video?

  18. I most loved the snow. I like snow. 

  19. Love the cold weather and snow.  Hardcore.

  20. First one chicken, then two, then one, who is responsible for continuity?

  21. That's the worst excuse for trussing a chicken I've ever seen lol

  22. Or go to your local grocery store. Damn near all of them sell rotisserie chicken AT a LOSS. Done.

  23. Great overview. I'm surprised that the rotisserie only gets used for such a short period of time. Cooking a pork loin for Thanksgiving dinner on the Summit E-670.

  24. very informative – thank you

  25. ok, Webber now make a Big Grill I can BBQ a Baby Piglet, Goose or Turkey….. Yeah Boy!

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