January 14


Weber Smokey Mountain vs Pit Barrel Cooker vs Bronco Comparison Cook Off #bbq #grilling

By Noob's BBQ & More

January 14, 2021

Pit Barrel Cooker

This is a comparison cook off between the Weber Smokey Mountain/ Pit Barrel Cooker/Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco. For complete spec’s of each cooker watch the Spec’s before The Cook Off video. I used choice beef ribs from Costco, Kingsford Blue original with Pecan and Post Oak Chunks.


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  1. I own the wsm22 but I wanted on of each but I found the wsm for a great price. Its huge and holds a lot of meat. I also bought the rib hanger to hang stuff. I set it up and do overnight cooks for briskets. I usually get 15hrs using b a b charcoal. Close off two vents it runs at 240 for 15 hours. But still need one of each 😂😂😂

  2. I made beef ribs once. I don't have a smoker. Did a slow cook on a regular 22 inch Weber grill. The meat looked great and super moist. But it was so tough that it just wasn't good. I don't know where I went wrong.

  3. The Broncos air intake is directly under the fire basket it doesn't need feet on the fire basket. To each their own but I prefer my Bronco over my pit barrel or wsm. I've done 16 hr cooks on my Bronco and never had to add charcoal. You just didn't add enough your issue not the cooker

  4. Great video. I took notes and you really helped me determine which cooker is best for me. I was between PBC and Branco. You gave them 31 points each. I decided on broncos due to the fact that I can do low and slow if i choose to where pbc will only cook Hot and Fast. I believe this point should've been added to the criteria you had listed. Which gives the Bronco additional points. I hope you agree.
    Thank you for sharing…

  5. Do you think that the charcoal basket from the Oklahoma joe bronco would fit into a Wsm 18? I was able to snag a wsm 18 for free and the Oklahoma joe bronco charcoal basket is only 35$

  6. I own a PBC and I am about to migrate over to a Bronco. When it comes to ease of use, it's true the PBC is pretty dummy proof but I have found for some cooks especially if you open the lid for more sensitive meats get a bit out of hand, my first lamb on the PBC before I got a controller was a disaster. If you want to smoke a really large hunk of meat like a packer, I have had he rebar get in my way and ruin my bark. Same with trying to do multiple butts. One other feature of the bronco, is the fact it's pre-built to be converted into a grill. I jerry rigged the hell out of my PBC to make it into my favorite grill. 22" wok and some magic grate work. I think outside of temp control the ease of use of a bronco is superior to the PBC. I would really love a bronco pro but I think spending $700 on anything from Char-broil is questionable. I will recommend a controller for the PBC, I cooked for 3 years without one and this last year became a cheater, I couldn't believe the difference it made for consistency. Can't wait to hook it up to the bronco and get busy making my neighbors jealous.
    Thanks for your awesome video, I have been wondering about the WSM and you cleared it right up for me.

  7. Own both a WSM and a PBC. Like them both but the WSM is probably the superior cooker. The WSM can do the job of both with the same results but the PBC can’t cook like the WSM.

  8. Really nice comparison, but I think people should look more closely at the true price of each cooker. Pretty sure the Bronco is made in China? The PBC and WSM are (mostly) made in the USA. I am happy to pay more for USA product, especially now. I would also say that the WSM will outlast either the PBC or the Bronco and will use a little less fuel. So over the course of a few years, the WSM becomes a pretty good value.

  9. First of all, Geaux Tigers! There is LSU, and then there's everybody else. As to the video, I am a WSM man all the way through. I do wonder if you covered the wood with the charcoal instead of dropping the wood on top of the coals. I have only ever gotten great smoke rings with the WSM, and I always put the wood on top of the coals at each of the three vents. I also prefer the minion method to serpentine, but that is not really a factor here. Anyhow, I appreciated your review, and that your points ultimately did put the WSM above the other two. I think with time you will personally find the WSM to be a superior product to the other two. There is definitely a bit of a learning curve to it. But again, nice side by side by side review, and GEAUX TIGERS!

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