Weber Summit Charcoal Grill | unboxing assembly review | Funny!!! | grilling

The Weber Summit Charcoal Grill / Grilling center is an epic grill and it deserves an legendary unboxing and assembly video. Please watch this, it’s the probably the funniest Weber Summit Charcoal grill (or any grill assembly video you’ll ever see.


  1. How do the Summit and WSM compare for low and slow?

  2. Very entertaining………….as I’ve come to expect from your clips.

  3. Haha! You're nuts. I love it.

  4. Dude, you are insane! Love the bandaids BTW. Lol

  5. That grill is so beautiful almost too pretty to use and get messed up with chard and scratches etc.

  6. I personally own the Webber 22.5 smoker and the Webber Summit Gas Grill.

  7. Your a great multitasker! Filming and assembling a grill at the same time! That’s pretty good!

  8. Justin…. I love your vids! Great quality. And you're dang funny and creative. Please keep em coming like this.

  9. lol, keep the vids coming, nice grill man, love the subtle comment at 6:43😂

  10. Dammit! You and your stupid Summit videos. You made me go out and order me one of these. Got the phone call today that I could pick it up just to find out I had to go back home and hook up the trailer as it wouldn’t fit in the Jeep. This thing is no joke to lift at 225lbs boxed. I’m hoping to assemble and break it in tomorrow… and use it again on Sunday.

  11. Glad you pulled through Justin, if it was not a Star Wars plaster this could have turned out very different, lucky man!

  12. As much as I'd love to pick up a Summit, I find it difficult to figure out how to justify spending $2000 on a grill. That being said, Summit vs your other grills? I am a huge fan of Weber natural fuels grills ( lump and charcoal).
    Really enjoy your simplistic take on barbecuing.

  13. How long did it take to assemble?

  14. I what that grill so barley but t so expensive I have the money to buy it but I need to save up for my first car and I'm only 14

  15. @5:24 You need to look for spinners, for your grill xD

  16. I love your videos. 😂😂😂

  17. Why is the summit so expensive I what one then I looked at the price and I was like nope I'm not buying that I'm thinking of buying the Webber kettle

  18. I know it is kinda off subject

  19. What the difference between weber preformer and the deluxe in the in th performer line

  20. which is your go to grill thatbyou use the most?

  21. Thanks for the awesome video. Qq… what do you do for a living?

  22. Stunning looking grill and great assembly video but for the price maybe it should come ready assembled

  23. I really like your videos. Thanks for putting them out there. How many grills do you have???

  24. Why am I just now seeing this video? My favorite so far.

  25. Great video, great music !

  26. Round grills are unhealthy. You can't get your three square meals per day.

  27. This is gonna be my next BBQ

  28. Anything Weber makes is nice. It's a cooking machine. Love the fort idea, just like my daughter lol.

  29. Star wars bandaids? Thumbs up.

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