Whole Grilled Bass Fish Recipe | Cooking on the Weber Q Grill | Camping Food

Take a fishing trip down Bayou Fountain in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with us! In this video, we catch some Bass, Brim, Bowfin & Catfish, then I show you how to prepare & cook a fish whole on the Weber Q Portable Grill.

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  1. I grill fresh water and salt water fish but I use a charcoal grill instead of propane, the charcoal adds flavor and you could aslo throw in some hickory chips for a nice smokey flavor.

  2. This is what is life about, nothing better than fresh caught fish and grilled, that looks so good

  3. Wow, fresh caught fish and grilled. That is life.

  4. Omg hahahaha the way he says Lemon he says limen

  5. What kind of knife is that(the big one)

  6. My first time grilling fish, I usually bake or broil. I followed your recipe and it was delicious. Thanks a lot

  7. does anybody know the name of the gloves he's using at 0:38? thanks

  8. You kept saying brim and i was really confused until i realized that was what you guys call blugill, interesting how different regions call things, here in michigan we call bowfin "dogfish"

  9. Oh MAn this Guy smokes 'em just as good as tony! Tony better get back quick before he snatches his channel away

  10. Cool video. What happened to Chef Tony? He's been MIA on the channel lol

  11. Absolutely wonderful video and very informative for those of us without fish grilling experience. The fish look so delicious, I'm ready to catch and grill!

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