Whole Rib Eye Loins on the Grill : Grilling Meat

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Whole rib eye loins on the grill use essentially the same cut that you would use if you were making prime rib. Make whole rib eye loins on the grill with help from…


  1. I liked everything about the Cusinart Griddler!>>>ur2.pl/1080 I also purchased the waffle plates along with the cleaning brush.

  2. thats the shittiest fucking roast ive ever seen. better off just giving that to the dogs.

  3. remove this video. that meat was raw. this guy has no idea what he is doing. there is no way a 5 lb piece of meat cooks in 45 mins. this video is absolute rubbish

  4. don't you let it rest before cutting it?

  5. When I saw you slicing it, I thought you were going to grill the individual slices to cook them. They don't look cooked all the way through. I can't imagine how that it 145 degrees inside, the interior edges aren't even cooked.

  6. Is this real, or a parody? Unrendered fat, part of it still blue. I like my meat rare, but this looks pretty undercooked, and unevenly cooked as well. That marbling should have started to melt.

  7. WTF are you doing? Please stop ruining perfectly good hunks of beef.

  8. This Ribe Eye is raw, you should only sear it over the direct heat, than transfer it over indirect heat for the remainder of the cooking time. The use of thermometer is crucial when coocking a whole roast, that way you always hit the right temperature you can´t bet on only time when cooking.

  9. Grill Masters don't wear glossy shirt from express…

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