WOOD vs CHARCOAL grilled Steak! Which one is the BEST Steak?

I love wood fire steaks and I love charcoal grilled steaks, so today I find out which one I like best! I am comparing a wood fire steaks vs charcoal grilled steak. Cooking both reverse seared, one on the kamado joe and the other on my pellet grill cooker smoke pro by camp chef. I am also using…


  1. This was an charcoal vs charcoal with pellets comparison, you didn’t use real wood, you think we are stupid?

  2. You should know that charcoal it’s the cheapest and flavorless way to grill. Wood it’s 100% better but of course it’s way more expensive and difficult to do. Pellets in the other hand… came on man, you are burning pellets with charcoal what the f it’s that. I thought you know about grills, I’m out of this Chanel

  3. Naaahh nahhh you are cheating, you must use wood! as an Argentinan that cook with wood and different a types of wood I’m offended because it’s an art. Please make another video using woods and types of wood, they are not the same and the smoke taste very VERY different from each other

  4. ślinka cieknie, idealny ten stek 😀

  5. pellets same as wood? pellets its the discard of wood all mixed with additives

  6. U know angel didn’t paying for them cause he just swallowing the steaks. Chew them for a few secs n enjoy bro.

  7. Sticks are for smoking, charcoal is for grilling 👍

  8. But WHY is charcoal better than wood for steak? Is wood smoke too overpowering for thinner cuts if meat?

  9. Mesquite wood! Nothing better

  10. Oak wood for anything but I’m from Texas and the country. So what do I kno lol

  11. Hank Hill would like to have a word with you.

  12. I could be wrong but i think their is a difference

  13. Can you do it against mesquite wood and not just chips or chips

  14. Which Kamadojoe are you using?

  15. angel:go's for thirds two times
    guga: stop you've violated the law pay the quarter fine or serve your sentence

  16. even if you use normal wood . the type of tree will affect the resylt also . cherry wood has a special flavour different than ciders wood or other wood .
    but yes the idea of comparison is nice and interesting . would love to see you investigate more into this .

  17. >15 Seconds in and I can guarantee it is wood! But lets see the rest of the video….(I'll still bet it''s real wood!)….well damn! Pellets is a sucker cheat to real wood coals! Guga, you disappoint me and the rest of us. Taking the time and care to build a real wood coal bed and slow and sear good steak cannot be beat by any charcoal in any Universe. This video was a time cheated video and you should re-do it with true wood cooking and charcoal.

  18. You don't have the right shirt on

  19. Charcoal has wayyy more flavor and especially lump charcoal… I noticed a major difference when I cooked Korean BBQ (lump vs regular)

  20. I'd love to see this done with different types of wood next. Like cherry, hickory, and, one that is the best, grape vine. I know sounds weird but it's true!

  21. If you want better control with the wood cut the big wood pieces into shorter and thinner pieces. Theyll be ready faster and you can get a better spread of them around. Also be sure to use a hard wood, they will stay hot longer that way.

  22. The hand broiler you are using is different from the one on Amazon. Can you tell what kind is yours and also did you cut the front of it? Thanks

  23. Wood is the best here in South Africa

  24. Thanks for the videos. As always very informative.

  25. We use wood, nothing like it. And not those pellets lol. Straight fire pit. Just hace to play with it some.

  26. Coal,one of the dirtiest most polluting substances on earth.

  27. Just go with gas,alot less hassle plus no toxic fumes from charcoal.

  28. Can you do a real charcoal reverse sear vs an indoor oven reverse sear with charcoal seasoning?

  29. you should make them smoked and also tried different types of wood for different smokes and compare which kind of wood it best or maybe some mixtures or something

  30. Guga, can you please do a video with a cast iron grill grate on top of your coals? Comparison with the standard stainless steel. Would be good!

  31. Stopped watching when I saw pellets…

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